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Thursday, January 17, 2008


It wasn't until a little while back that I had an epiphany.

Some girl was walking up toward me, and I couldn't help but stare. Which surprised me, coz I never unnecessarily ogle at beautiful women. They expect dudes to anyway, and that probably turns them off more than anything. Or not. But more to the point, she saw me staring, flashed yours truly a brilliant - but fake - smile, then sashayed by my left, leaving behind the delectable scent of some body-spray in her wake. I almost broke my neck staring back at her dwindling figure and involuntarily bit on my knuckles - she looked that good.

Do good-looking people really have it easier than the average Joe/Jane Schmoe in the street? I'm inclined to believe so. Fellas, how many good-looking women have you tripped over that later turned out to be complete tricks? Ladies - the flipside of the equation? Meanwhile, there could've been a perfectly decent, sensible, caring but ordinary-looking person right before you but you wouldn't pay them no mind. Messed up, isn't it?

Truth is, beauty is either circumstantial or formulated, either or. Some look great even when they first wake up, while others have to apply several layers of make-up, or take a shower at least, to look decent. Then, some people never get fat and never will, while others walk by a fast food joint and gain 5 pounds just from the mere smell of fries cooking. Some people walk into a crowded room and everyone notices, while others might even introduce themselves and 2 seconds later everyone forgets what their names were. Sucks. Which explains why lots of men/women have trophy wives/husbands. We are inherently conditioned to revere the beautiful, and therefore disregard the ordinary as..... well, ordinary.

Back to the moral of the story: I think it sometimes sucks to be good-looking tho. Some of the best-looking girls I've met are the loneliest, for real, coz most dudes are intimidated by it. Dude could be staring at her from across the room thinking: No way she'd ever be interested in me. But when he swallows hard, grabs his balls and talks to her, he realizes she's just like everybody else. Which goes to show that beauty isn't everything. It definitely IS something tho.

But wait, there's more: I'm in love with some woman's body. In my wildest, most imaginative of fantasies, I couldn't even have made up a body like hers - it exceeds perfection. My mind constantly conjures up all these 3-D images of her body, wilfully flipping those images this way and that, zooming in here and there.

Unfortunately, I don't love the rest of her, which means I can't be with her. But then again, I just met her. Still, I usually fall for someone's personality first.

As Jack Reacher* would say:
It isn't the end of the world. It just feels like it.

*Thanks for introducing me to Lee Child. Forever grateful.


bankelele said...

Yay Another Reacher fan!

This is one diadvantage of beauty - but it's far outweighed by the positives - studies have shown that it attracts more opportunities, passes, higher salaries, etc.

|d®| said...

I'm inclined to agree - it's entirely possible for a good-looking airhead to be president or something. Not so for the average-looking dimwit.

And yes, Jack Reacher is off the chain. I thought Alex Cross was great, but Reacher is phenomenal. I can't put those books down once I start 'em!

Farmgal said...

In my opinion, it depends on the person carrying the beauty.
But since am a plain Jane, what do I know. It's true though those people who must have a beautiful person are always in serach of a trophy!

alafu the william sisters...one of them I think serena (if she's the slim one) was being interviewed by some brits. They told her they they like her sister's posterior. she was like what....
Someone explained then she was like ..ahhh we call it booty...
I thought from your title you were gonna blog that.

Nyhoo how you be?

Anonymous said...

i zoom into what peeps be ignoring about this post....dude...who is this mamaa? and so far she is hot...you turned around...but finding that you might need to find something about her you like that is not on her body? hmmmm....

|d®| said...

>Farmgal: Now that's funny. And she's right. The use of 'Posterior' is very... laboratory-like. lol! Booty is definitely what it is.

>Aegeus: There's no slippin' anything by you, is there? lol!
But yeah, how you put it pretty much covers it all. I mean, it would be nice for Shawty & I to have something interesting to talk about, say after we smoke cigarettes and she makes me a sandwich, if you catch my drift.

Anonymous said...

Damn...if prose was the criterion for fallin in love, I'd be hopelessly head over heals in love w/ u...that was some insightful stuff there.

True, masterpieces are to be cherished and valued, but i've also come to learn, and believe, that beauty gets you in the door. The heart and personality keep u in the room.

Farmgal said...

ai d that's deep!

|d®| said...

>Farmgal: Ain't it tho? D's a regular Socrates!

>D: Criterion? Good one!
And girl, don't be frontin' on your boy - I know you've nothing but love for me. Not to worry tho, coz I luh you right back.