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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Virtually nothing can make me smile in the mornings, much less laugh, but this did it.

Was just listening to the last album by A Tribe Called Quest and track 3 is [aptly] named: Booty. This is how the joint starts out:

Question. What is it that everybody has that some pirates and thieves try to take?
*Slight pause*
The Booty.

Then the joint begins. Couldn't stop laughing, for whatever reason.


Anonymous said...

ur so simple it hurts...it doesn't take much w/ u

|d®| said...

It is with great restraint that I refrained from hittin' u back with a smartass response, and a backhand to match.

But yes, I'm rather simple. Open book, remember? You, on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

d got you right where it hurts! Hehehehehehhe!! (breathe)hehehhehehhe!! (gasp!) tihihiii...snort!! ok i wonder what is funnier, the lyrics or d's innuendo....

|d®| said...

Ha, leave D alone; she's incorrigible. She's also in denial.

Yes D, bite me.