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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


God is good. Go on, say it - "All the time." Seriously tho, basketball season has returned, as Diddy would say, and that's sooo off the chain.

Not to take anything away from any other sport, but b-ball ranks first for me. Last night, watching Tony Parker dance his way around the Blazers and Kobe Bryant showboating as usual against the Rockets was nothing short of spectacular. To put it in perspective, I didn't even watch Family Guy, and nothing comes between an episode of Family Guy and I.

Isn't sport fanaticism of the purest form? It's great being so passionate about something and no one thinks it's weird. Like, Red Sox fans are i-n-s-a-n-e! They're almost as crazy as European or Brazilian soccer - well, football - fans. Yes, thank God for sports.

I think I'll support my local b-ball team this season, the Wizards. [Msanii, don't be talking smack] Gilbert Arenas is the man, for real. One almost hears music watching him play; makes it look easy. Then, after every home game he takes off his [often drenched] jersey and throws it to fans. Nasty. If I caught it tho I'd be ecstatic, I can't front!

In other news, this little girl is amazing.

Shout outs to:
All my basketball fans. To [you know who you be] for the invite to Maryland this past weekend. To 'Geisha' for looking
absolutely delectable and for always being there for me. To my boy The Dishwasher and my girl CK: Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Dishwasher and Ck Happy birthday! You guys share a birthday with my ..mmmmhh err with a friend of mine!

salalaaaa that girl is amazing! It helps that song is delish!

Anonymous said...

(Or is it?) No it isn't - but like u what I have seen of Patriots/Red Sox fans (which from my point of view are the same animal) are a breed of their own - the 'Screamers' I will have to brand them.

Happy Birthday to 'The Dishwasher' and CK. Pass that along.

Bar that 'preciate the 'football' reference cos u know I am sensitive to 'English' grammar :)

Dood, knock ur self out with BB, the passion; Acknowledged

AOB: Gracias

|d®| said...

>Farmgal: F...friend of yours, huh? lol! I'll be sure to relay the birthday wishes, thanks.

And yes, that girl's voice is off the chain. YouTube her - she's a natural.

>"G": Wsup. First week of bball is always hype. Shoot, they now show like 2 games a day, and on mainstream TV too. Then it goes back to a measly 2 or so games a week. Way to hype some of us up, eh?

Anonymous said...

The most dreaded season in my life...BB season. I guess I should abuse the hell outta ur phone now n save myself the hurt later...huh?

Props tho for bein there lately. Nothin but.....like. lol.

P.s. delectable??? U n ur websters!!!

|d®| said...

I'm not that bad during bball season, am I really? I apologize then. In advance. lol!

Delectable, I said.

Girl, don't be frontin' on your boy now, talking about Nothin but ... like. We've been thru this already, dozens of times over!

gishungwa said...

Happy belated to both of them.
Is that girl for real, she is so on point!

|d®| said...

I was skeptical about the girl too but apparently she's the real thing. Amazing voice, and effortlessly too.