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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Yeah, it's been a little frantic lately.

Not that you'd be interested, but here's what I've been up to lately:


All things Navy in Annapolis.

My boy The Dishwasher and yours truly in Maryland this past weekend. Lots to see in Annapolis.

For some reason this cracked me up so much.

Had to cop these CDs; they're in heavy rotation.

Racking up the miles in the Lancer - 100,000+ miles to date. Wow.

More Annapolis.

Isn't that the prettiest hydrant you ever saw? *blech*

Funny stuff.

Steve-O and I burning the only food left in the crib. Hunger prevailed.

I told you hunger prevailed.

Ain't that the tiniest frog ever? About the size of a penny.

My favorite magazine subscription. Devour it cover to cover.

Finally tired of being harassed by local law enforcement, I was forced to replace the windshield.

Out. Be safe y'all.


Anonymous said...

The dishwasher makes an appearance! :)
Lol those tees are wicked.
Kwani you're doing placement on the road. Those are some miles you're clocking.
Shule bado?

Anonymous said...

Told u u shoulda taken pics of that Beef Teriyaki....lol. no Michael Buble pics? I'm hurt!!!!

Fun times tho...lets do it again.

|d®| said...

>Farmgal: Yup, that's the famous Dishwasher, though beheaded in the photo.
I drive around a lot - it's almost therapeutic.

>D: That Teriyaki was off the chain, no doubt. But your food looked better, though it still had a pulse! lol!

Anonymous said...

*stalker mode on*
Had to pass by to check the picks out - wow I thought I loved taking pics of strange and weird and wicked stuff but u take the cake (and the cutlery n napkins and stuff)

@Farmgal - I was just saying hello girl - er ... to u too... :)

*stalker mode off*

|d®| said...

Ha ha, stalker mode on/off?! Too funny!

And yes, I've been dubbed Paparazzi by some of my [not too thrilled] friends, coz I snap away at everything and anyone. Just you wait till I get my hands on that digital SLR - it'll be all she wrote!

Anonymous said...

guess babe where u at? Missing you muchoz