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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Anyone heard Kanye’s new joint, ‘Big Brother,’ about Jay Z? Love that joint.
[And speaking of Kanye, I hope his record sales kick 50 Cent’s punk ass right into retirement.]

I might’ve mentioned my lil’ cousin is now in college, right? I had to be there for her first day of school, if only to look around and familiarize myself with the school’s layout in case I have to go there and kick someone’s ass right quick.

Well, the very next day her mom cleaned out her room and threw out all this stuff, much to her brother’s amazement – and amusement. Dude was like:
“Dang Ma, other moms be like: Don’t worry honey, your room will still be the same when you get back, but you go and throw out all her stuff? That’s cold!”

I was in stitches over that one.

Then, this little girl thinks it’s real cute talking about: Yeah, I usually get back to my dorm at like midnight. When I ask what she be doing sleeping so late she’s like: You know, all the usual college stuff, like drinking beer and having sex with boys. I know she’s kidding, [at least I hope she is] but she got jokes. I’m not trying to hear all that.

And no, I’m not overly protective. As witty as she is, we always have numerous verbal jousts, if you will. Like, she just turned 18 so I called her up and was like: Happy birthday, baby girl. Want a cigarette? And without missing a beat she was like: Nah, I’ve got my own pack. *sigh* She’s impossible.

Alright, back to working on that ever-growing mountain of paperwork.


ck said...

How about getting your own child... LOL!

>d® said...

Ummm, how about no?!

Anonymous said...


farmgal said...

lol @ ck's comment!

>d® said...

>Anon: Right?

>Farmgal: Yeah, CK's a nut.

farmgal said...

and forgot to say..you do sound like a protective dad.
Its only fair I second ck's suggestion ama?

>d® said...

You're probably right tho. lol!
Gotta look out for family tho, knowwhati'msayin? It's we against the world.

D said...

Dang pops...geez!! U were losin mad points till u offered a cig. Instead of offering her something that could save her life...say a condom, nooooo....lets give her an introduction to Emphysema 101. I second the "get ur own kid" comment...when's the baby due?

>d® said...

U got jokes, I see. It's typically just harmless banter between she and I, so no condom talk here.

And why have kids of my own when I can love other people's kids and most importantly, be able to give them back when they're buggin'?

D said...

Because knowing u, u'd give them back at 6pm only to be back in time for breakfast and blue's clue...or is it Dora? lol.

>d® said...

Ummm, right. Hanging out a lot with kids is like filling up your gas tank - you won't do it again for days.