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Thursday, August 23, 2007


I'm as close as I've ever been to tearing-up, coz it sucks every time I gotta do this. OK, I'm not about to grovel; I'll try not to anyway.

But, for y'all who haunt this grimy spot regularly, you were probably wondering what's been going on lately, coz I've been putting out new posts like every day. That's because the animal named school is looming right around the corner and it mandates that once I commit I should sever any and every social tie, spend countless days and nights perusing textbooks and, most importantly, clean out my bank account to pay for its tuition.

It follows that there will be less and less time to blog as the weeks blow by. I might not be able to post as much material, but I'll definitely be reading y'all's posts; gotta peep game, what can I say. But then again, I might be pulling a fast one like Jay-Z and front like I'm retiring then come right back, so keep checking me out.

And speaking of Jay-Z: Msanii, Makanga and all y'all music buffs, how about Jigga's input in Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab' joint, when he says something to the effect of:
'Six pairs of kicks is my definition of 12 steps..'
Don't know why but I like that line. A lot. Though I can't even quote it verbatim.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, allow me to compensate for my impending literary incommunicado with the not-too-good photo below of yours truly, in my White-T days, 'conversating' with Patrick Stewart, better known as Jean-Luc Picard. [Well, his wax replica anyway. He's surprisingly short, especially considering that he stood on some platform and I'm standing on level ground.]


Anonymous said...

Dayaaaauuuum! You is a fine brother!
You're forgive already....Love your blog so jaribu those weekly updates.
Alafu I was wondering how it is you been dropping post like soz.

Anonymous said...

FG aiii! Now that you came and drooled all over this post...dude hebu usipotee saaana...once in while dust off the cobwebs and hook us up with a tale or two. Meanwhile i shall delve into the archives for the posts i missed.

gishungwa said...

Ahem you dont look 30 that besides am with FG weekly post at least please.

|d®| said...

>Farmgal: Ha ha, flattery will get you everywhere! But yeah, I'll do my darndest to keep 'em coming.

Aegeus: lol! Will do; I'll occasionally roll my sleeves up & get back to work!

>Gish: Wsup. Having somewhat youthful looks is bittersweet; get carded everywhere. Rather tiresome.

Anonymous said...

...I hear you man, get on that grind.
That was one of the better jay verses.

|d®| said...

Yeah, gotta knock this school thing out; no time to waste.

Anonymous said...

good luck on the school thing homie...ps. wtg w/ the Jean Luc pic...love that man!

Makanga said...

That verse to me is sloppy in that neo_Jay way but the line is smart as hell.

|d®| said...

>D: Wsup, my intelligent friend. Right back atcha - good luck with school.
I see you like Picard, huh? Let me guess, you like William 'Beam me up, Scotty' Shatner too?

>Makanga: Yeah, I must admit Jigga's not been the same after his return. Funny tho, in that same joint, when he's calling out all those celebrity addicts.

Xuxa said...

You and I need to sit down and trade life stories over a couple of beers. Would you believe I have to deal with school too? Yep, writing my thesis.

Remember that thing about tall dudes.... I recant. Dude, you look absolutely scrumptious. lol!!!

|d®| said...

Thesis? Dang, go ahead with your bad self! I've still got a ways to go; switching careers as it were.

lol! - you recant, huh? Don't be making me all sheepish now!

Xuxa said...

lol!! don't be too impressed. More of a struggle right now than a joy but a few more days and it's off my desk. Then I can stop pulling out my hair. I think I'm going bald, really. :)

Anyway, hang in there. In the immortal words of our parents, there's nothing like a good education.

|d®| said...

Hang in there, what can I say. Besides, with your prodigious smarts, I'm sure you'll be just fine.

Ha ha, immortal words of parents, huh?! Best believe my Ma had one of those slogans too that I absolutely detested, something to the effect of:
The roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet.

Anonymous said...

Nah, no Shatner for me...Jean Luc is where it starts n ends...

Xuxa said...

Funny how when you're a kid you come close to gagging when they launch their 'pearls of wisdom' at you and then you get older and you're like "damn! now I get it".

Can't wait to start spitting out a few gems at my kids and watch them choke. Should be priceless (lol!!)

|d®| said...

>d: I like his intensity in X-Men.

>Xuxa: Right u are; I only realized how much of my sh*t my parents put up with when I became an adult.