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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I’ve stressed it, damn near flaunted it even, that I believe in a Supreme Being. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to try and refute the existence of that Being, but I always come right back. Why, you ask? Because it is undeniable.

Granted, I was brought up a Christian, and a Protestant at that. Church was as much a – and I hate to say this – chore as, say, feeding the animals. My parental units did not play around with the church thing. I was at church every other day, for real - I’d go Wednesday for the youth meetings, Saturday for Sunday‘s rehearsal and Sunday for the real thing. I’d [be forced to] sing every other Sunday, even, and do special tasks like decorating the church for Christmas and weddings and stuff.

More importantly, Church was good coz we could [safely] mingle with the chicks. I was too shy back in the day and though Lucy, then the #1 contender, was giving me the eye all throughout the services, I couldn’t muster the courage to holla. Funny, but between ages 7-11 we kept away from the chicks, but later tried to find every excuse to get closer to them.

To get back on track though, I’d never really felt any need to be a diehard Christian. I basically went through the motions without any conviction until much later in life when I’d sit on some grassy knoll, look around and… wonder. This was around the time when Darwin’s theories were introduced to our impressionable young minds and I started seeing things in a different light.

For a quick minute Darwin’s theory of evolution and the creation theory wreaked major beef inside my young noggin, but the creation theory prevailed. What are the chances that some stuff, some ‘organic soup,’ as they called it, could evolve to be you [yes, you] some billions of years later? No one ever lived long enough to even come close to seeing all that.

Forget theories, let’s consider some facts. The earth goes round the sun in what – 365.25 days, I believe? Simple enough. Alright. Then, there are 7 other planets in the solar system, and each one supposedly has its own trajectory around the sun. So far so good. Then, some of these planets have their own ‘moons’ orbiting them that have been there for – shall we say – eternity. And they say all this JUST happened to be, after the Big Bang - which is also a theory?

But more back to earth, literally, is the earth itself. For eons, it has been capable of sustaining itself. [Until recently, anyway] Animals breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. The vegetation imbibes carbon dioxide and exudes oxygen. Perfect. Then, animals feed on vegetation. They in turn get mauled by other animals which might even get mauled by other animals, but they’d all die and decompose and get imbibed back by – you guessed it – the vegetation once again. Perfect.

All these freaks of nature, by accident? I think not.

More to the point, I’ve had uncomfortably intimate encounters with The Reaper. Malaria kills, we all know that, but I survived numerous bouts of the Murang’a variety. And how did I dodge the horns of that fiercely territorial bull? I’ve no idea. How did I have 2 dogs snapping at my heels and manage to scamper to safety? [Scariest moments of my life] Can’t say. How did I live through numerous instances when thugs accosted the house and damn near killed my Dad one time? You tell me.

More recently, how did I survive that high speed crash, though my stupid ass was unbuckled? Need I mention the Woman T-boning the Lancer incident, or the understeer into the median incident, to mention a few?

In short, I’ve more proof than I’ll ever need that there is, indeed, someone or something that controls this circus we call life, and everything else. And I didn’t even need religion to show me that.


Anonymous said...

It's very obvious there is a God!
Well put my friend, well put!!!!

Which crash was this? Have you blogged about it?

|d®| said...

It IS rather obvious, isn't it?

And no, I haven't blogged about that crash. Gives me the willies just thinking about it.

SisBigBones said...

I feel you totally. That's how my upbringing was and honestly, to this day, I find myself going to church out of habit than anything else. At the back of my mind, I know there's a God and of course I've questioned a lot of things where I say "well, if there's a God, how can He let this happen" and at the same time looked at circumstances in my life and thought "how can this not be God at work?"

There's a verse in the Bible that says something to the effect of "seek me and you shall find me..." and I always wondered if that's to be taken literally...

Ok, I'm done blogging on your post before I take it too far :)

|d®| said...

Yup, there are always those Matrix-like questions like Why am I here and the like. lol!

I might be waging war with the agnostics here, but if life was all there is, as in we're born, struggle and die, then it would all be pointless. Shoot, there better be something else, coz life sometimes really sucks, as good as it sometimes can be!

Anonymous said...

@ Siz Big B - Tiz true, and to be taken as such, quite literally. He is real. And He will reach out to you. I grew up in a Churchy family too (a Pastor Dad etc etc). Committed my life to Christ a lil later (at 12). Bin growing since then. Jesse (KA)

gishungwa said...

I grew up in church too. I dont know and not curious how it would be without God. For me He comes first the rest is details.

|d®| said...

>KA: Dang, you too? Churchy best describes my fam too. But that's a good thing.

>Gish: Wish I could get to where you are with God. I'm trying tho.