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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Been off work - and web - for the past couple of days. Had to handle some business right quick but more to the point, needed a breather from the cotton fields, aka work.

Life is beautiful this week, and Imma tell you why:

My boy V^6 was kind enough to let me hold his hellraiser of a GTi while he was out of town and yo, that little bugger is v-i-c-i-o-u-s! It's almost as though it and I fuse every time I slide behind its wheel - an infusion of man and machine in perfect harmony. Puts a smile on my face every time I mash that e-throttle in; it's got so much low-end torque it's amazing. Makes my Lancer seem a little anorexic in the umph department.

It might look ordinary from the outside, but under its skin it's anything but. The Bilstein shocks and springs are perfectly dampened, the strut bars keep everything tight, the chip allows it to rev to
7500rpm and adds a couple of dozen horses, to name a few mods. The all-Alpine sound system has enough punch to make local law-enforcement officers spill their coffees all over their uniforms from the thump alone, and the growl emanating from its custom exhaust keeps all the dogs in my neighborhood shook. Amazing machine, a testament to German Engineering.

Alright, I'm like getting a hard-on just gushing on and on about it, so I'll stop! lol! What can I say - I love cars.


Xuxa said...

lmao!!! you do sound like you're getting off! damn man, it's a car!!!

good that you're having a great week though.

|d®| said...

Hope your week's been good so far too.

And what can I say - I'm a speed junkie. Now that I'm on the BT too, driving fast is the closest I can get to... ummm, release!

Xuxa said...

lol! cheeky bugger! do have a beautiful weekend and take care:)

Anonymous said...

LOL @ all that car jargon!
This is my translation: Little car but really fast, has loud music-scares dogs, moves fast and stops quickly, does not rattle, makes own car look bad and the combination of all these things makes >d® hard. Am I right?

|d®| said...

>Xuxa: Cheeky bugger? I like the sound of that! The Queen's English has a way of making anything sound good, apparently!
Shoot, thanks to the American influence, in its stead I probably would've said something like Punk-ass motherf#$&er! lol!

Enjoy your weekend too.

>CK: To quote one of my primo teachers: "You are looking for me and you will find me!"

But yes, the way you put it just about sums the entire post up - funny stuff. You, however, left the part out where, after every session with the GTi, I feel all nice and relaxed. And tho I don't smoke, I almost want a cigarette, even!

Anonymous said...

I would miss GTI too...i wonder how i went AWOL from this blog now that i found it again...i have snagged its feed and shall be skulking about reading and drooling at the beautiful, powerful machines that are described herein....

|d®| said...

Welcome back. And by all means, feel free to lust over those machines! lol!

Anonymous said...

Dude yaani the love you have for that moti (the post after this one)!

|d®| said...

Now, if only I could be as honest when it comes to expressing undying love and affection for the opposite sex! lol!