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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


[Friends, Kenyans, Countrymen, Americans, lend me your ears. If you drive in VA, slow your trifling ass down. Or at least keep it under 20 miles above the limit. Here’s why.]

Now that’s school’s over with for the summer, I can finally manage to sit back and conjure up mischief to get into for the rest of the summer. Granted, I’m still working all day every day, but that leaves me with 14 or so hours every day to do whatever. Take away 5 hours to sleep, and I’ve 9 hours to kill. Hmmm, what’s a brother to do?

I get up at 6.30 every morning. Let me rephrase that – The alarm goes off at 6.30. It’s not uncommon to still find me in bed at 7.15, after trying to break the clock’s snooze button. [Frankly, I’m amazed at the clock’s resilience, as hard as I pound it] The next half-hour or so, and several broken traffic laws later, find me stepping into this dungeon at about 8. [Work, I mean.] Still half-asleep when I first step into work, I make a beeline for the coffee pot, and my state of consciousness heightens with each sip of that… that stuff. Eventually I snap awake and realize it’s 10 o’clock. Then I start working for real.

I’m usually so immersed in my work – or in pretending to, for that matter - that 5 o’clock takes me by surprise. I step out the building and my mood instantly improves, only to be hit by the summer heat. The air quality is usually reminiscent of that inside a sauna, and it’s real work trying to choke that stuff down into the lungs. I walk over to the whip which, despite having its windows cracked open, is a virtual furnace. I turn it on and reach for the shifter and instantly hurl expletives under my breath, coz that shit is red-hot! I usually have to wait 2-3 minutes for it to cool off, for real. Of course they didn’t point out that vital bit of info when I was buying it. Figures.

Problem is, for over 2 months I left work and went straight to school, then went straight to bed after school. Now I’ve nothing – or no one – to do, and though it’s only been 2 days of no school, I’m sick of it already. I know I said this before, but what’s a brother to do?


Farmgal said...

You have nothing to do and no one to...you is cheeky!
What a brother to do?
1. Sleep longer hours
2. You quit the gymn?
3. Go for a run in the hot weather.
4. Work on the whip
5. I was gonna say something cheeky bu' I think the above is helpful enough.

Anonymous said...

Yea, i too picked up on the cute remark...finally u face up to it. lol. Sorry for you though.

Wat to do? I agree w/ Farmgal...sleep...u know, that thing which corporate America robs us of??? Yea that.

Go visit the sick, feed the hungry, etc, etc. Be philanthropic...okay, let me quit while i'm ahead. Do the gym thing, play ur bball. hang w/ the cousins...maybe actively work at having a somewat decent night life??? (otherwise known as dating)...

Let me leave u alone...p.s. stop writing emails n work!!!!!

|d®| said...

>Farmgal: Sleep longer hours? No can do. Yes, I quit the gym. Run? Probably today; I've all this energy I need to expend. Nah, I worked on the whip 2 weeks straight.
And let me guess - you wanted to suggest for me to find someone to do, right? lol!

>D: Philanthropic? Well, I always wanted to learn CPR. May I practice with you? [jk]
Actually, I played ball yester & plan 2 jog today, so that's covered. Nightlife? I just might do that; thinking of hitting U street this weekend, right after watching Transformers.
Now, may I suggest things for u to do too?

Farmgal said...

We're together :D

D your ideas rock ..I refuse to point out which ones rock the most.
Can I suggest something for you two to do?

Anonymous said...

ROR @ the CPR comment. I hear warm pie wonders as a substitute-it was even in the movies and movies 'don't' lie!! Just don't get caught and remember to throw it out after you are done.

|d®| said...

>Farmgal: Funny! By all means, tell D things to do!

>CK: Oh no you didn't! Warm pie, smartass?! I've heard of fruits, but dang!
Either way, nothing can match its... ummm, consistency; ain't nothing like the real thing!

Farmgal said...

Ok here we go ..you and D should most def get a room. I mean look at the way you carrying on in here.

ck...below the belt that one!

|d®| said...

Nah, that wouldn't work. See, I've known D since we were kids, and we've established the fact that all we'll ever be is friends. Trust me, there are good reasons for this.

That's why it's so easy 4 us to say whatever, coz there aren't any strings.

Anonymous said...

Now if I didn't know better, I'd say u were standing up for me >d. Lol. That's quite alright, after u gave the go-ahead. By the way, Philanthropic as in give money to charities, not humanitarian-lifesaving efforts, and for the record, no...someone beat u to it.

Here's something u can do tho...go to Artscape in BMORE...ur wifey (other than me...lol) Keisha Cole is performin Sat night.

farmgal: The very reason why I suggested he seek a decent nightlife is because there's nothing here. But it's always fun to keep throwing jabs at each other and see other people react.

Xuxa said...

Hey. love your blog. cracked up on a couple of the previous blogs.
as for going out and getting someone to do .... don't knock it. by the time you work yourself round to getting bored with the gal, school will be back on.

|d®| said...

>D: Ho ho ho, someone beat me to it, huh?! Touché! That doesn't mean you can't help me practice. Or does it?

Nah, can't make it to K.Cole's today. On the grind right now, as a matter of fact. Good look tho.

>Mental Perambulations: Glad u like it here, thanks.
And yes, I might have to find someon... I mean, something, to do. I've got this nervous tick that won't go away! lol!

Xuxa said...

LMAO! You poor thing.

Ok, so now I'm sitting here wondering if I should ask.....

Screw it...

Where exactly is this nervous tic

|d®| said...

Ha ha, funny! It's way up North, at my eye. Hopefully it won't travel Southward!