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Monday, July 16, 2007


I think I love you. But it’s all my fault.
I should’ve told you I loved you. But why? It’d all still be lost.

Maybe I was too scared, maybe not enough grown…
Maybe too blown.
Blown away, I mean, to claim you as my own.

But out of nowhere, you walked out the door;
Figuratively speaking of course, and left me poor.

But I didn’t shed a tear.
I focused instead on trying to steer clear,
Clear off memories of you I held so dear.

But I’m still here.
Now, where’s that beer?


Another weak attempt at poetry, by >d®


Anonymous said...

awww, sweet! apart from the beer part of cos

CiikuMrsBabes said...


|d®| said...

>Farmgal: Ha ha, had to throw in that beer part tho, if only to lessen the woishee factor!

>Buff: Wsup! Hope everything's kosher. Just because u like it, I'll try & hone my literary no-skills!

Anonymous said...

Dare I compliment u n say it's rather cute, tho i somehow felt as if some of it spoke directly to me, for reasons u know....then again, its always bout u...

|d®| said...

Ah, witty this morning, are we? Don't get me all riled up now. Trust.
On the contrary, it's all about you, and u know it. Dare I mention a few - make that numerous - examples?

Anonymous said...

:( I secretly hoped it was about me lakini seems D wins! Ohhh well!

|d®| said...

Ha ha, nah, not at all! D is my [self-proclaimed] buffer of sorts, looking out for me, like I do for her.
Besides, she prefers soccer players, not basketballers!

Anonymous said...

Beer??? uuurrruuuhhh?! (the Scooby one!) I guess tequila would not rhyme with here, so I'll give you that one. But when you're 'nice' it's ALL Good!! Oh, one more thing, I think I just puked a little... in my mouth!

|d®| said...

You know you love it. Oh, & best believe I could've squeezed Tequila in there. It's just that the very word gives me the willies, thanks to overindulgence this past weekend!

Anonymous said...

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