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Monday, April 30, 2007


Remember how I was pro-gym a few months back? Well, I think I'll quit it. Before you start snickering about it, allow me to explain.

The gym isn't a good substitute for everyday exercise, and I'll tell you why.

First, why is it that I haunt the gym 3 days a week at the least and still be hurting every time I play basketball for like a half-hour? I'll tell you why - there are muscles I use while playing basketball that I don't even come close to using while going through my usual motions at the gym. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see here that basketball is the better exercise.

Second, the treadmill lies, and I'll tell you why. I do my usual 5-Mile run in the gym in like an hour - which is really slow even by semi-pro standards - and think I'm the sh*t. Then I go home, take a shower, and feel all nice and relaxed the rest of the night. Tell me why I was hurting all day Sunday; I was lying prostrate on my bed hurting all over, all day long. I know I'd played a little basketball too but damn, this was ridiculous! The weather had been perfect for a jog outdoors on Saturday and I couldn't resist it, so I went on this one bike trail that's perfect for jogging coz it's shaded by trees all the way through and is unpredictable and quiet, and even has markers every quarter-mile. So, I strapped the cellie to my upper arm, connected some ear-buds and started trotting.

Somewhere in the middle of the third mile I was beat and intrigued as why, so I thought about it while puffing and panting my way though the remainder of my workout. Now, the treadmill is basically a belt on rollers that rotates as fast or as slow as the athlete needs it to. Logically, the athlete tries to keep up with the belt, and therefore exerts only enough energy to remain at the same spot. In a real world situation while jogging down a street, you PUSH against the ground to get you to move forward, as opposed to trying to keep up with the ground. Seewhati'msayin?

I may be a little misguided in my logic but it was obvious, to me anyway, that jogging outdoors is the better way to go. Plus, unlike all those 'outdoor simulations' on treadmills, you get to feel the breeze, see other people, experience a variety of smells and all that nature stuff, as opposed to trotting in one spot for like an hour and a half.

Don't get me wrong - it's not that gyms are whack. I just prefer the outdoors, and that's just me. Shoot, for instance, if I were a female and were concerned about the possibility of some perv jumping me on the trail, I'd sooo stick to the treadmill! But since it's warm out there now and I even have an assortment of weights at the crib, then f*ck the gym, at least until it gets too cold again.

In short, I think Imma quit the gym over summer. Besides, they suck coz they not only don't have a swimming pool, but they don't have a basketball court either! The humanity!

And speaking of basketball, Baron Davis is a straight beast. The Mavs disappoint me tho, as good a record as they've held all season long. Chicago's doing the damn thing, I see; can't wait to see how they perform against the Pistons. And aren't the Suns such a super-team?


Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. 21st century Rick Flair, holla at me if u wanna check out the bike trail not too far from here. It would make for a nice Saturday morning, no?

|d®| said...

Oh, we're on joke time, are we?
Well, if u must know, I jog to clear my mind for the most part. It follows that I'm getting skinnier - no overly-bulging muscles here!

Saturday morning? Mighty tempting; I'll get back to you about that.

Princess said...

Nothing beats running on a trail..nature rocks!!

|d®| said...

Damn straight; no substitute for it!

Anonymous said...

very late ..lakini cant agree with you more on the nature thing.
The only way to get me to exercise...playing ball or any active sport.