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Monday, February 05, 2007


I hate the gym. Let me rephrase that – I hated the gym. It was mostly because of my need to be outdoors that I disliked gyms, and those who know me know I’m the outdoorsy type.

Over the summer I only go to the crib to sleep, really, coz it’s warm enough out there to do whatever. Wintertime, however, sucks because, naturally, it’s too cold to do anything out there - unless you’re into winter sports. And even then, it almost never snows in VA and when it does it’s only a measly couple of inches. Those measly couple of inches wreak havoc on the general population tho, coz everyone at first drives too fast – and crashes – and then everyone else drives too slow. And then I discovered that my Kumhos are great wet & dry tires but are like skates in the snow.

But I’m getting sidetracked here; I’m talking about gyms.

I joined the gym some few weeks back, against my better judgment. I had to do it tho; it was either that or I’d have had to buy new clothes coz I was getting to be a bit of a lard-ass. A little ‘cushioning’ over the winter is a good idea but it was getting ridiculous, so I had to find something physical to do. And that’s how it started.

My gym is like a mile from work and on the way home, which is perfect coz I can hit it right after work most weekdays. I went there one day after work to sign up and, predictably, they spoke volumes about how good their programs were and all that crap. I decided to humor dude and pretend I was listening but I already knew what I mostly wanted to do – hit the treadmill. And that’s how it started. [Wait - hadn't I said that before?]

I learned real quick that a lot of people go to show their bodies off there, not to mention ogle at jiggling women's butts in close proximity, but the rest are super-focused in whatever it is they’re doing. I also learned, after the first couple of visits, that you need insurmountable amounts of motivation to even find yourself going through the doors to the gym.

And after the first couple of visits, I learned that I wasn’t even close to being as fit as I’d fancied myself to be. Dude, I was in agony the first couple of days, complete with the I think I pooped my pants walk. 2-3 miles on the treadmill and 10–15 minutes of messing with weights just about killed me.

Three weeks later, and thanks to my Kenyan genes, I today breezed past the 5-mile mark with relative ease, much to my surprise, and could’ve pushed it further – though I didn’t. The weights didn’t kill me today either and I’m now bouncing off the walls with all this excess energy. I’ll be damned. Why didn’t I do this before?!

I may only be 3 weeks into the gym thing but for any of y’all that do too, hang in there. It’s hard work, as I’ve come to learn. Hang in there, good people; get that heart-rate up. Heart disease is up there with the worst of them as one of the main causes of death among adults, especially blacks.

Never again will I laugh at those muscle-bound dudes in their tight shirts, coz Lord knows how much work they put in to look like that!

Nah, I’ll still laugh. Bite me.


Princess said...

The first two weeks are the hardest and then your body starts to crave the workouts daily!!! I love running on trails but since it is Winter I have also been spending a considerable amount of time in the gym instead!! Keep trucking!!!

|d®| said...

Pree, I never imagined how high the energy level would spike up tho. It's ridiculous!

But hell yeah, I'll keep at it. I daresay I even like the exertion!

Anonymous said...

keep it up >d®!

Anonymous said...

keep it up big guy...i'll tell u wat...ur my inspiration...n that's where it ends...with words, cuz i sure am not doing anything else about it.

|d®| said...

>Farmgal: Thanks, I'll try!
How goes it?

>D: That's where it ends?! Damn, I thought I was the one ray of sunshine in your life, the sole reason you keep going! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that you are! The one n only...I just meant my commitment to workin out doesnt go beyond words...no action, thus far. Now my ray of sunshine, how bout u fix my dilemma?

|d®| said...

I thought I'd already dispensed invaluable advice! Or did I?
But like I said tho, what do you want? Or, more precisely, WHO?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hello! ;)
heh... what demented comments!
what do you consider about it?

|d®| said...

>Anon: Demented? If you're talking about D then you're probably right!
[Sorry D, ol' buddy ol' pal!]

Jadekitten said...

Keep at it...and of course, keep pushing yourself (Devil's advocate, me:-))

N' here I was putting off enrolling to the chagrin of my gym buddies with my infamous 10 excuses, ranging from:tired at work,mo tired after class, to will miss 'Girlfriends', will fall asleep at the wheel:exhaustion. SIGH.

|d®| said...

Yeah, finding the motivation is the hardest part, truth be told. Like, I'm now thinking of things I could do instead of going to the gym after work!

Anonymous said...

keep it up >d, i do try the gym thing at least 2-3times a week, and I tell the energy is good.
weak part i get home and eat fries and ice cream...damn it!! too lazy to cook..

keep it up, maybe we will see u with the tight shirts soon mmmmmm!!!

|d®| said...

Tight shirt?! Over my dead body!

Funny u said that, coz my boss was complaining just the other day that his wife goes to the gym & on her way home swings by KFC for some fried chicken!

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