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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Like SBB, I'm bored. I was yesterday, anyway. That's when I found out that the real reason I go to work, besides to make cheddar, is to stay busy. I don't like to stay at home doing nothing, I discovered, and instead of sleeping my stomach bug off yesterday I found myself writing emails, new posts and sending CK photos of the gash on my shoulder, amongst a bunch of other little tasks that served no real purpose but to pass the time.

I also went through old video footage that I'd never previously reviewed and that's what made the whole stay-at-home experience bearable, coz I discovered I've tons of priceless footage of my friends, and even of random people in general, doing everything and anything. Matter of fact, I think I'll compile a bunch of video and audio clips and maybe start a multimedia site of sorts - if only to stay busy.

For instance, a bunch of people and I would, at random and especially when semi-wasted, take turns shooting solo clips of ourselves trying to sing or rap - funny stuff, especially since a good part of it was so bad! It was all in the spirit of fun tho, what can I say. This one cat named TJ can sang his ass off tho, 4 real. I'll be sure to post some of his best.

But here are two split audio samples, verses 1 & 2, of yours truly singing Donnell Jones' 'Where I Wanna Be.' [The actual song was playing in the background] The only reason they're in 2 parts is becoz there was a lot of... er... questionable footage in between the delivery of the song that I had to cut off, as I did the video. [Someone walked in while I was taping it. I might sound a little distracted in the 2nd clip. Or not.]

I dedicate this to all the people who have no problem laughing at me, and I them. Y'all know who you are.


Princess said...

You have a great voice mister!!!

farmgal said...

You still havent found out how you got hurt?
Am one person who laughs at you-r posts let me see what the clips have to offer. Pole abt tha bug ...are you stil driving?

farmgal said...

American Idol?!!!

>d® said...

>Princess: Thanks. I could feel it that day, that's what! If only you could see the video part of it - soo stoopid.

>Farmgal: Nah, the injury is still a mystery. Oh well, whatever - as long as it doesn't happen again.

American Idol?! No can do! I'm neither American nor desire to be an idol, what can I say. Besides, Simon would have a field day with me, perhaps calling me porch monkey, instead of bush baby! lol!

D said...

I feel cheated that I wasn't serenaded last night...damn...it makes mince meat of my Picture rendition!!! it was admirable in fact, not in the least bit funny- as in because it's dumb...

>d® said...

I'm still reeling from your 'serenade' - good stuff! You were so into it!

dll said...

How about the one of TJ doing chris brown impressions?

>d® said...

No can do, u crazy?! Remember the 'backdrop?' Waaaayyy too much! Good times tho!