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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I’m in the middle of an urban narrative which I will post very soon, but I had to get a little sidetracked, inevitably, by the goings-on all around me.

Firstly, congrats to my lil’ cousin, Lil’ G., who’s graduating this year from high school and who also recently got admitted to a [coveted?] Virginia university. I know this sounds bad but as slick and carefree as she is, I was almost doubtful she’d pull through, but pull through she did.

Funny, but Virginia has a somewhat infamous repertoire for lynching lots of people of color back in the day. Now, my lil’ cousin is – you guessed it - black and guess what city this university is in: Lynchburg. Go figure.

God really has a sense of humor.

Then, my other lil’ cousin, Lil >D., is becoming a jock of sorts, fortunately or unfortunately. Dude now plays basketball, football and soccer, and it so amuses me when he’s in one of his games and his little groupies come thru, tripping over each other trying to get his attention.

Is it just me or do girls these days not look like they used to back when I was in high school? I go to Dude’s games and his lil’ groupies, no more than 14 or 15 years old, swarm him and I’m like hot damn, are these high-schoolers?! These are kids trapped in grown women’s bodies! Then, those same little f*ckers try & flirt with me – ha ha! All I do is flash out my ID and they’re GONE!

Anyhow, now that this young dude is in the freshman basketball team, he has to dress up whenever he has an away game. I mean, this kid has to wear dress pants, shirt, socks and shoes whenever he’s playing at another school. He even has to wear a tie, can you believe that sh*t? Problem is tho, dude didn’t even know how to tie a tie. No one in his household knew how to, and I wasn’t around to help him out, so you know what he did?

He Googled it.

Do you know it worked? I’ll be damned! Which goes to show that this unofficial Google slogan is true:

When in doubt, Google it.


mmxlyg said...
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Anonymous said...

An urban narrative? Can't wait...Seriously tho, WHO GOES TO LYNCHBURG? Not only is it boring but for the name alone, I wouldn't dare...
oh yea....they do have to dress up for away games...i remember the days when even the most 'shamba' of guys would dress up and damn, wat a transformation. The hot ones looked even hotter. lmao at the ID thing...yea, that oughta wk. Dang, does lil man have time for soccer n football since they r on the same schedule? I'm feelin the athleticism tho...n post-World cup, soccer players r IN!!! (no, i don't want ur lil cuz...i'm not one of those groupies...u know who my soccer playas r...i believe u got footage too...never to be released) Peace n Love!

|d®| said...

I know right? Lynchburg is in the middle of nowhere! But she wanted to go there so hey, whatever.

Interesting how they arrange the seasons: no sooner does football end than b-ball begin, & that's barely over before soccer begins, so dude somehow juggles all 3. Football wreaks havoc on him tho, what with concussions and stuff.

Best believe you'll want to read about this urban narrative. I'll leave it at that.

Princess said...

That is awesome that Google came through with instructions on how to knot a tie.

|d®| said...

>Princess: Isn't it? Sometimes I wonder if it's good having all this information at our fingertips - except for important stuff like tying ties and stuff!

>D: Just a thought: may I introduce you to my lil' jock-wannabe cousin? I have a feeling he'd be quite taken by you!

Besides, think about it - dude plays 3 separate major sports, and I distinctly remember how much you like cats that chase hoop dreams and stuff. [Kinda like how you used to be especially fond of me when I b-balled every day. Not no more!]

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaaa....tryin to get me riled up so early I see...used to be fond of u? Dare I suggest you're flattering yourself a tad bit much? lol. N no, he's wat u call statutory n given my current place of employment, that's a double no...no offense on ne resembling genes. In case u missed the memo, i moved from hoops to green grass...soccer that is...remember wat happened to the last bball one i went after- The Capt.? Yea, I believe that answers ur question.

P.s. I'm always fond of u....there, feel better?

|d®| said...

Thanks, I feel a lot better. You're so sweet - you almost make my teeth rot! :)

Well, dude will be 18 in a few, FYI. I'll let you know soon as he's legal. I got you.

Anonymous said...

18??? hahahaha.....wow...those were the days...oh i have no doubts that u got me, but in this instance, please drop me quickly!!! lmao at the sweet comment...just like a Kiuk

|d®| said...

Admit it - the boy sounds irresistible! lol!

Anonymous said...

You so sweet you almost make my teeth rot!
gai fafa..am tickled