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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Eat your heart out Buff, but I like Monica’s ‘A Dozen Roses.’ A lot.
Plus, Lil’ Wayne is one of my favorite MCs, and I love his & Lloyd’s ‘You.’ What?!


Being self-proclaimed music-man is not easy. Like, you’d [probably not] be amazed at how many people ask me for CDs and stuff, or try to test me with harmless music trivia. One of my boys is convinced that I know everything about music – hardly. I’m especially deficient in the Rock genre and while I do alright, I’m still a far cry from being the connoisseur of sorts that I am about Hip-Hop and R&B.

But like every self-proclaimed music-man, I have some songs that I’d never be caught dead playing. It’s foolish and unreasonable of me coz I really shouldn’t give a damn, but I almost never admit to the general population that I might even be close to liking Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since You’ve Been Gone,’ Lone Star’s ‘Amazed’ or even Sheryl Crow’s & Kid Rock’s ‘Picture,’ among numerous other cuts. Don’t know why, I just do.


I like to snuggle. [With the exception of those sticky summer nights] With a woman I mean, of course. Notice I didn’t say cuddle, coz that might insinuate that I’m somewhat neutered. Lord help me, but I love the feel of a woman’s body; it’s a consistency that can never be duplicated – firm, yet so soft. And smooth – let’s not forget about smooth. I like to close my eyes and let my hands do the exploring. *sigh*


Cats fascinate me; I love ‘em. They have all this power, lots of apparent intelligence and amazing physical ability to do whatever, and are aware of it. Yet they choose to suppress those powers, if only to please us. They are so proud, yet are such suckers for attention. They will fight hard when provoked, but will easily evoke empathy every time they need to.

If men are dogs, then women are cats.


I love speed. Not the drug, you idiot, but the sensation. My only problem is how to go fast without getting in trouble. Lord, help me.


I love Jose Cuervo, thanks to A1. [Thanks a lot! :)] Yes, I know it feels like it peels a layer off the oesophagus every time. Yes, it’ll perm those chest-hairs in a heartbeat. Yes, it’ll erase substantial portions of memory but hey, I still love it.


Hmmm, I might be getting a little too revelatory here. And CK, don’t say nuffin’!


Princess said...

I think you should try Don Julio..it is even better than Cuevo...trust me!!

Spidey/Tato said...

i so agree with you on that cat thing arent they just loveable...id done a post on the kitambo


Spidey/Tato said...

gaddamn thats the wrong link: http://spideyfun.blogspot.com/2005/01/cat-real-bitch.html

sheeeet i dont know how to link it well pole, have forgotten that href thing

|d®| said...

>Princess: Don Julio, huh? Gotta try that then. Is it as smooth as Patrón, perhaps?

>Spidey: I know - I never can get those hrefs first time around either.

Hilarious article!

CiikuMrsBabes said...

I was a tad bit wary but this post has made me realize that it is time.

'A Dozen Roses'???? Seriously???

And as for the Lloyd song, I can just tell you right now that it is the beat you like. Not the actual song. And you do know that they sampled Spandau Ballet's "True." Did you know that???

Also, Lloyd cant escape his inner African [He is half Ethiopian.. Did you know that?]... He says IMME-JE-TLY... Instead of Imme-di-a-te-ly.... Cracks me up everytime

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ buff's Ethiopian comment. Dang, even I didn't catch that...I was too busy being wooed by the voice.

Caught dead playing "Picture"...how bout singing it? "I put your picture away........" oh good times they were indeed.

Snuggle? Again, u just gave away which train ur aboard. Seriously...get some soon cuz I don't think I can take many more such blogs...isn't it almost 10:30?

Much love baby boy!

|d®| said...

>Buff: Yes, 'A Dozen Roses.' And against my better judgment too. To thy own self be true, right?

Yup, the beat got me first on the Lloyd song, I must admit, especially because I already liked the original song.
Half-Etholopian, huh? I should've known from the hair right away! lol!

>D: Correction - it was YOU that made me reconsider liking the 'Picture' song in the first place, remember?!

[Insert mirthless laugh here] No, it's not 10.30, smartass. You know what could be even better tho? Let's just say I'll be thinking of you while roaming those Philly streets!

Udi said...

Jose kando. Petron is the way to go for Tequila.

|d®| said...

>Udi: I agree; Patrón is a lot more potent - and smoother. Jose sometimes threatens to vaporize the voice-box!

>Buff: This just hit me - I could've sworn Lloyd's song was sampled from PM Dawn's 'Set Adrift On Memory Bliss.' Or did they sample it too?

CiikuMrsBabes said...

PM Dawn sampled it as well.

Original Song = True by Spandau Ballet.

By the way..... "Set Adrift on memory bliss of you" reminds me of FC

Anonymous said...

The more you write, the more we know... creation of stalkers in process here. Shauri Yako, endelea tu!

I am with Buff on this one.. A Dozen Roses?? [just puked a little in my mouth!] Maybe it is the video you like, not the song. IMME-JE-TLY?? LMAO!

Blanco, Oro, Reposado, Añejo... Aaaaahh Tequila! So many choices! Enjoy. Remember to keep away from the rubbery tasting ones.

|d®| said...

>Buff: Oh, I see. Thanks.

>CK: Ha ha, I've ze-ro stalkers, unlike some people I won't mention, who've stalkers even in different area codes!

Rubbery? How about the ones that taste like burned rubber? lol!

Is there anything like a Tequila-tasting convention or something of the sort?

Anonymous said...
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