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Monday, October 09, 2006


Now that I’m sprung and all, I’ve been trying to get over it all day long so I keep busy. Like, this is my 2nd post today – a new record. Granted, the other post was all of 3 or so sentences long but it spoke volumes, I’d like to think.

This past weekend was off the chain. Not that I did a lot – not at all. I found myself in B-More where I bumped into a bunch of people, my extended fam to be exact, many of who I hadn’t seen in a while, and that was good. I even saw daddy’s little girl’s dad, and was quick to tell her about it. I didn’t holla at him tho coz you can’t very well go to a chick’s dad and be like: Hey, how’re you doing? How’s your daughter? Shoot, that would definitely get a brother tore up from the flo' up, as Martin would say.

And speaking of Martin, here’s what he’s been doing in between movies.

Anyhow, I was gonna talk about the weekend, before I get sidetracked.

This weekend was an eye-opener for me in more ways than one. Firstly, I resolved to never let myself be attracted to chicks that are too close. By that I mean chicks that are in my inner circle, as in one of the people you see at every bash, every special event, every other holiday, etcetera etcetera. I can’t deny that a good number of solid relationships sprout from such interactions, but that’s no more good for yours truly. Truth be told, this is the first time in a long time I’ve been sprung over a girl outside my inner circle and it feels sooo good!

Now, if anything goes wrong between us I don’t have to see her triflin’ ass – or mine for that matter – ever again! [Sorry G]

Then, I came back to the big VA early enuff just so I could swing by my latest obsession’s crib for a little bit, but she was out with dude. Funny thing - I always seem to be attracted to girls that already have men. Or is it that it doesn’t matter to me? Either way that’s how it is. Prime example – beauty. Then there was my girl S. There’s a couple more too. Oh well.

In any case, this was a good, introspective weekend. Hope yours was OK too.

Oh, and here’s Lil’ Kim’s other enterprise, below.

ps: I'm only kidding about the photos. The store names are purely coincidental.


Anonymous said...

Sprung??!! Yeah okay! And I am a super modo. Anyhoo... I was about to say that I had not seen anything >d® like until you forgot the camera was there and It all came back to you! Ati you are not aggressive? Talk about lying to self. Give self a slap for me please.

Anonymous said...

Nigga WHAT????

|d®| said...

>CK: I know, right? Sucker-free d-money sprung?! I can hardly believe it myself!

I guess you've first-hand experience when it comes to my driving so I won't even try to deny it!

>Ciiku: Nigga who?! lol!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha......lmao at not talkin to her dad....lol. then again, depends on the history u might have w/ her/him...yea, u'd get shot on sight probably! Keep talkin smack tho....as always.

Anonymous said...

This is not a laughing matter.......

You better know what I be talking about

Anonymous said...

i didnt have a man then, dummy.i just didnt like you lol! jus kiddin. you know ive got nothin but luv 4 you!

|d®| said...

>d: If only you knew the history between her Dad and I! Let's just say I was afraid for my life at the time!

>Ciiku: Ummm, no. But maybe I do; hit me up on e.

>Shaw: *Ouch!* It's all good tho, coz if I'd been you back then I wouldn't have liked me either!

Anonymous said...

I bet....no worries on this side of the inner circle...even tho i've always been single...no hookin up on this end. lol thanks for pinin ova me tho...jk

|d®| said...

Uh, always been single, you said? D, as good as you look, I'd imagine your longest dry spell to be like 2 weeks!
I do get what you're saying tho, coz people might be attracted to you but u don't do anything about it. Or do you?

Anonymous said...

U know wat??? Say somethin else, and your biz will be allll ova this too. N that's not tru, thank u! N no I don't do anything about anything.

|d®| said...

What biz? I'm squeaky-clean, I'd like to think!

Anonymous said...

Whats up D, nice to hear about B(sprung?) i like the clip, we have to catch up.