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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Now, I’m a friendly guy. I think so. I totally believe in friendship, and the selflessness that sometimes comes with it.

Friends don’t always get along though, needless to say. If anything, most fights are between friends. Like, sometimes at work my boys and I argue, and violently, almost to the point of pummeling each other to bits. Someone would intervene and then we’d hang around all sullen and stuff. At 5 o’clock [B.E.T. – o’glog, ha ha!] we’d be leaving work and then dude would be like:

“Yo, >d®, you still coming over Thursday?”
“Faw shaw,” I’d respond. Then we’d give each other a pound and it would be all good.

Girls – it takes considerably more effort to get back into their good books. Still, between friends it’s all good. Like, my friend G.R. and I fight all the time. Not physically, of course. Then she’d say something like:
I love you and all but forget you man. Then it would be all good.
My other female friends, especially
A1, are cool as sh*t. A1 always keeps it gully, to say the least. We’ve had our share of fights, of course, but we’ve always been cool for years on end, coz we both know the friendship is greater than all the other bullsh*t we might fight about, as it should be.

Like I said, I’m a friendly guy. There are, though, some friends that I’ve fought but never made up with. I can’t stay mad for long so I always try to patch things up, but I’m sick and tired of friends who constantly resist my efforts to make it all good between us. It’s almost as if they’d want me to grovel & beg for reinstatement. Never that. D-money’s not the one.

So, from today, it’s official: I’m done babysitting y’all. Life goes on. Papa’s got a brand new bag, like James Brown.

Shout out to my boy Danc, pictured here with yours truly, below. You pick out who you’d want me to be, if you can ‘fix’ the photo. I didn’t even blur it out this time!


Anonymous said...

That picture at the bottom seems like its a cut from 'The Shield' LOL Vic would be proud of you. Let me read what you gotta say -and hopefully this isnt some April Fool's day prant cos you know I will come down and whip your behind pretty good? On second thought, you might like that so I will impound your ride dude :)

Anonymous said...

Correction: Prank

Now friendships - I hear you loud and clear. I am so not into what I call energy vampires and I have been shedding this like bad smell in the last coupla years. I hope you do the same and yes, friendships are the best if you got the right people on your left (or right, if you are a southpoler like me)who keep your ass focused and your ...er.. ass in gear.

You are a cool dude - swap continents and you would be a cool dude to hang out with.. you know?

And dont think I dont get which one is you on the 'Xray' photo up in here :D :D :D

|d®| said...

Wsup G. Hope your weekend has been good so far.
You're right coz it takes so much unnecessary energy to maintain some of those relationships - for nothing.
Oh, you know who I am between the 2 of us, huh? Alright hotshot, pick one! ;)
[I know you know tho]

Anonymous said...

Oh no u didn't.....o'glog,LOL! but I feel u on this one.I don't understand why its hard for some of us to just get along esp. if one is trying to make the friendship work.
Being mad or angry at another person without feeling the need to make the relationship work really doesn't solve the underlying problem.
Nice post!

A1 said...

d baby, you know i love you to death till the end, no matter what, i know i hardly ever say it but thank you so much for being such a good friend even through all the bs...

Anonymous said...

I'll second A1...despite ur "c-mode"s, n all other drama including foiled plans (JMU)...i'm truly one lucky person to have u..n dont u eva forget it. Like others, tho i might not say it explicitly, u know i love u...(not as much as my dishwasher, lol, but still)

I feel u on bein "done" with people...all that is is unnecessary drama.

|d®| said...

>B.E.T.: You know I couldn't pass that one up, & I told you so! Too funny.

>A1: Thanks for all the love, girl. Mad love back at you. Ummm, maybe you'll let me have the iPod as a token of our friendship?!
{Yeah right, I'm only kidding - I know that's your baby!]

>D: Too bad JMU didn't work out, thanks to the 'unprecedented.' I owe you one. I have a proposition - I'll holla later.
Ha ha, u know I gotta tell the dishwasher you gave him 2 shout-outs!
Need I reiterate that flattery will get you everywhere?! But seriously tho, thanks. Mad love back.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly everywhere...definitely not the bank. lol. N u can tell him. He called me once ova the weekend n last night. Tho asleep, i hollered back. (dont overanalyze that) Propose away!

|d®| said...

>D: Oh, so this 'communication' thing is getting to be pretty regular, huh?! That's wsup - I feel like I deserve the credit for hooking y'all up! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey friendly guy! 'sup? I think you're either on a) the left or b) the right. I've got 20 on it... who's on?

I jest. I hear you... friendships-- good friendships are hard as hell!!! Mayne! Lakini the cool thing about this 'hardship' is that it's a load that gets lighter 'cause it's all love/gravy. Y'know?

Keep the faith bro and it's good to hear that you've got real people kama kina GR and A1 like that....

Farmgal said...

si pia mimi na wewe are tight? hapa kwa blog lakini!
you're the one on the left no..right ...noooo heck u both look cool

Anonymous said...

Seriously?? Johnny Bravo? I always thought you were more of a Dexter without the Lab! LOL!

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ ck..i hadn't even thought bout dexter..u be dexter, i'll be helga..or u be linus n i'll be lucy...or not...lol.

Nice quote tho...finally decided to focus my attention on other things...or people...as u'd advised.

Same place, same time tmrrw??? (9 days to go....)

Anonymous said...

I was here....

strawberries are said...

You're the cool one on the right, No?ok then the left?. How are you?.

|d®| said...

>Muts: LOL @ friendly guy.
Which reminds me - I'll need to sidebar with you.

>Farmgal: We tight girl, we tight! Never doubt that!

>CK: Think of me as Dexter smelling pheromones all around!

>D: Lucy & Charlie Brown, a.k.a. Dishwasher, need 2 have have a something going on.
Till 2morrow. [ps: take your mind off the gutter.]

>Acolyte: Always a pleasure having you around!

>Prou: I'll be whoever you'd want me to be, ha ha!
Doing good. Hope you're doing the same, if not better!

Milonare said...

Good friends are hard to come by but such a joy to have!!!

Ebu I peleka that foto to Ms Photoshop I see what I can fanya with it LOLOLOLOL

Makena said...


Why the photo-tease? I can teach you a thing or two about getting over friendships-gone bad.

Search-kill-destroy-replace (in your mind of course)

Prousette said...

I see am being remembered even when not around you are on the left, no?
x ray photos give me nightmares,my brain does not process them well.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Brown n I r just fine thanks!!! I already have my prince...n my mind was not in the gutter...speak for urself. To put this to rest...ur definitely the one on the left...not ur left, my left...or is that ur right...lol

|d®| said...

>Milo: Sneaky, I see! LOL! And yes, Photoshop's the sh*t. Can do anything in it.

>Makena: Funny, "Search-kill-destroy-replace."
I wish it were that easy - some of them resurrect & come back to haunt me!

>Prou: Like I said, choose who you'd want me to be, whoever tickles your fancy! :)

>d: Are you absolutely sure about it? When's the last time you saw me anyway?

PS: Don't listen to D y'all. You might be had, hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok!

Anonymous said...

Last time i saw u is inconsequential. U dont change that much...plus...technology would beg to agree with me on this one...LMAO @ ppl bein "had"...bamboozled??? hahahaaha.

p.s. tell D-money Jr. he's lookin good.

|d®| said...

>Strawberries: Wsup girl. I see you've taken a liking to the dude on the right. In that case, for all intents & purposes, I'll be the dude on the right! :)

>D: D-money Jr.? Danc, you mean? There's only one D-money. ME! :)

Anonymous said...

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