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Friday, June 03, 2011


Whew! Been busy for a while there. And that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is the understatement of the year.

Since social media is all the rage, and since pics speak louder, here they go:


I'm not really into classics, but this here did something to me.

Ahh! Homemade burgers!

Lil' cuz graduating a few weeks ago. In the timeless words of my [other] illustrious cousin, "Watu wame-grow!"

I only hope Kenya isn't someone's name here.

Oh fate, why dost thou torment me so? What are the chances that the exact same WRX I want is parked right outside my window? Curses!

Alcohol - the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.
Cinco de Mayo - same thing. People were all bleary-eyed at work the following day.

Laptops are such a pain in the ass to dissect. Why do I keep doing it?

Apparently, this still happens. There goes my 5-hour-long torrent.

Was in Michigan for another graduation. My only regret is that I had to drive through Ohio, the boringest stretch of highway I've ever seen, with roads so straight you'd swear the earth's flat.

Yeah. Stuff in Michigan is weird.

Of course, Michigan also means Motor City, which also means you get to see cool stuff like this - partly assembled vehicles. Never mind the ever-lengthening crack on the windshield.

How the hell did he make my steak & shrimp in 3 minutes flat?

Couch? Floor? Table? Bar? Standing up? She can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

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KK said...

I've taken that Michigan trip... effectively got rid of my roadtrip bug on that Ohio Stretch and got a $150 ticket on my way back.