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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Here's a short clip of some goings-on at my illustrious [hardly] place of work. You'll lose about 6 minutes of your life watching this, so I hope it doesn't put you to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Put us to sleep? I was actually intrigued by what you do, could not wait to see the end product- impressive!!! Fresh kicks you got there :)

3CB said...

That thing looks surprisingly like an instrument of dental torture. I'm just saying.

|d®| said...

>Anon: Sometimes I forget the sheer amount of stuff I needed to learn to work those damn machines. And to think I usually do it in my sleep. Tsk tsk! Habit really IS second nature.

>3CB: You're absolutely right - that's a dental pick. Nothing else can pick the insides of those letters out as well. Kinda like, well, how nothing else can poke at those sensitive nerve endings in your molars. *shudder*

gishungwa said...

Is it weird that am intrigued by the second half of your notice more? Thats braille i assume, real cool. Time to hide the geek in me.

|d®| said...

The braille's intriguing, for sure, especially how it transcribes regular words into braille.

Good to see that inner geek peek out!