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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Been an eventful couple of weeks, and not necessarily in a good way. Still, life is such that it must go on, regardless. And seeing how I'm on the clock and so much has been happening, allow me to describe what I've been up to lately with some photos:

Downloaded J Cole's new mixtape. This kid is the future, for real. Can't remember the last time allhiphop.com gave 10 stars to any mixtape.

This is the best burger joint in Newark. Newark Delaware, that is. Good luck finding it on a map, tiny as Delaware is already.

More parking mishaps, right outside the office. Dude parked, scrutinized his handiwork and just walked away. For the life of me, I don't understand it.

Wasteful and proud of it. I can dig it.

When pigs fly? No, wait - when winged, chromed-out hogs.... sit? Or is it some mythical creature, some bacon Pegasus? I give up.

Clearly the sign wasn't heeded, but chewing it up like this? How is this even possible?

Yes, I assure you, I made this for the real Terry Bradshaw.

And for the real McConaughey.

About to do some maintenance on my cousin's car. Anyone guess what type of car this is, make & model?

The 1st generation Viper is surprisingly small, smaller even than the Slo-Z, as you can see.

Spanglish at its best.

Hadn't seen this in years, when it hit me the other day at work. Perfect excuse to [finally] petition for Windows 7. The bossmen pinch pennies these days; there has to be a good reason to buy new software.

And after work, a little fun. Hey, can't be all work and no play, right?


D said...

What's that near the handcuffs? A kindle? Mad you didn't put my number in Matt's award box! Still not forgiven you for that. I HATE people who don't park right! AGH!!!! I even move my car if I'm parked next to them. If they park that bad, they could hit it when trying to back out.

|d®| said...

Yup, had to Kindle up. The apartment's too small for all the books I read, so I had to do it.

And maybe I should've covertly etched your phone # or something on Matt's award, but our mutual European friend would have none of that, I'm sure!

NiKolaS said...

Welcome back. Late but never not never or something of the sort, at least you are writing or putting up pictures, its something at least. Douche parkers annoy me to no end, i never park near them as D here says. Been dinged severally in parking lots.

Kindle means you have been reading ways of Bondage, right?

|d®| said...

Let's just say bondage is being taught to me, and I'm willing to learn. How about that?