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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hot damn! Never been away from the blog his long, never! No wonder I’ve harbored this strange emptiness these past few weeks. Naturally, a quick update is in order:

My boss’ son, who recently only turned 15, wanted to go to Hooters for his birthday claiming that, and I quote, “he likes the wings there.” WTF? There’s only one reason people [read: men] go to Hooters – to ogle at skimpily-clad ‘waitresses.’ And as I recall, my body at 15 was a volatile concoction of pheromones and dirty thoughts, and Hooters is the perfect environment to foster new fantasies.

And they actually took him there, go figure.

Comcast sucks. I signed up for a TV/Internet package and their punk asses signed me up for a different, and more expensive, plan. Seeing how militant I am about my money, I called them up and they were [apparently] apologetic, all ready and willing to give me a refund. Have I seen a check from them since, and that was a month ago? Nada.
Oh, and they’d told me that they’d bring me a cable box. Did they ever, even though they were supposed to bring it over 2 weeks ago? You guessed it – nope.

On another note, why are girls so warm, body temperature-wise, I mean? You don’t need a heater when a woman’s around, for real. I could’ve sworn that body glowed red in the wee hours of the morning; such was the [virtual] inferno. I wish I’d had an infra-red scope; she probably would’ve seemed a green-white blob through it – that hot

Soon as she was gone the entire apartment, and especially the bed, became an icebox. And it’s been an icebox since.

Thank God for women, as miserable as they make us.


3CB said...

Hahah it's because we have extra ... um ... insulation ;-)

3CB said...

Oh, and also the electric cooker vs gas theorem. Electric heaters take longer light up [and to cool down] after ... eh ... use ;-)

|d®| said...

I totally dig your hypotheses. And the subtle implications. I like, a lot!

Anonymous said...

Body glowing red?? You know you love it, you can't even stay away from it...lol!

I made a special note on women making men "miserable"- i love you too.............

NiKolaS said...

That very last line can cause you further misery.

|d®| said...

>Anon: Like the proverbial moth to flame - that's how good [and devastating?] it is!

>NiK: Sweet misery, hopefully!

cloudvillian™ said...

What, no HipHop verse of the day? I'm feelin' you on this one though. I think 3CB got it spot on.. lol! Anyways, peep this line from Andre 3000 (the name of the track escapes me):
"Watching her fine ass walk to my bedroom, thinking to myself: that's the shape of things to come."

Mo said...

I've always wondered why.

I thought it was me that was 'extra-cold'. Anyway, a radiator's less costly in the long run. Hehehe

|d®| said...

>The Villain: You gotta tell me what that track is, for real. Sounds like something I should know!

>Mo: You've got jokes, I see. And no, the radiator only emits infrared; they seemingly emit the entire thermal spectrum!

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