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Friday, July 31, 2009


Courtesy of Lol News, the following images had me in stitches. Follow the implied sequence of events, top to bottom.

Then, Mozilla Firefox, my favorite browser, just cussed me out. It crashed, sort of, but left this un-clickable button on the taskbar.

Have a good weekend, y'all.


Hip-Hop verse for the weekend:

"I sit and gaze, hazy-eyed as I daydream
Her and her girls on the stage doin' they thing
Double Ds full of silicon and saline,
She thirty but don't look a day over eighteen..."

T.I. on DJ Drama's Day Dreamin'


Cloudvillian said...

I'm stealing that Obama pic. Too funny.

PS: Heard about Baatin's passing?

|d®| said...

Yeah man, too bad dude's gone. Just when he was [apparently] getting his life together too.
How did it happen, BTW?

Cloudvillian said...

No one knows how he died. It's still being investigated. Kinda sad though. RIP Baatin.