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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Been gone for a minute there, but for good reason: Picture a warrior, and a black one at that, in the heat of medieval battle, arrows, swords and tridents everywhere - that’s how it’s been these past weeks. The frenzy has diminished somewhat now, thank God, and here I am, a little worse for wear but otherwise intact.

As I write this I’m looking around, still feeling like a guest in someone else’s place. No surprise there, coz I’ve only been in my new residence for… let’s see… 3 days now. That’s right, I found a new place! More than a little excited about that, to say the least.

But I don’t have TV or internet till Friday, and that sucks. That Comcast guy better show up then, or else. For now I’ll have to log on using the phone in quick, efficient sessions. AT&T charges for data like a hooker does one-on-one sessions – obnoxiously pricey.

Speaking of hookers, tell me why Wams and I, while driving through DC in the sweltering summer heat, saw who would best be described as ‘a lady of the night.’ [or is it evening?] It was 4pm and 90 degrees outside, and this one white girl was standing there by the roadside talking away on her cellie, looking fresh as could be in knee-high black leather boots and a strapless top that showed off her 'artillery,' the entire back and most of her taut tummy. But it was her skirt – or handkerchief, coz that was its approximate size – that really tested the limits of the imagination. Dude, it was so short you could see her ass-cheeks! At 4pm!
[And yes, I absorbed all this detail in seconds. We were merely driving by.]

After we saw her, we drove in silence for a few seconds and then Wams said:
“Isn’t she a bit early?”
She got jokes.

But the moral of this here post is that I’m back. Need proof? Here I am – minus crisp facial detail - in some old T-shirt I finally found. Thug life!

And you'd thought I was BS-ing about the books, huh? Never that. Here are the books I’m trying to give away or trade for. If stateside, I’ll ship them to you free.
Old Englander, you get first dibs.


Hip-Hop verse of the day:

“…I'm champion at beer pong
Allen Iverson, Akeem Alajawon …”

Asher Roth in I Love College


cloudvillian™ said...

Welcome back. Congrats on finding yourself a crib! Planning a house-warming anytime soon?
As for the hooker, I'm guessing the recession is to blame for that. :)
And what's with that Asher quote..are you a fan?

|d®| said...

Thanks dawg. I feel like a man now with my own crib. lol! House-warming? Inevitably. I'm already working on it, even before the 1st month rent check's cleared!

Ha ha, trust you, the hardcore hip-hopper, to raise your eyebrows at the Asher Roth quote! Nah man, I just think that one line's funny, that's all. Besides that joint and his other one with Cee-Lo, I'm not too crazy about his other stuff. besides, he sounds too much like Em, and there's only one Eminem.

Mo said...

Congrats on the crib!

Man, too bad you're 'those sides'. I'd definitely take the Neil Gaiman and a few others off your hands were I there.

|d®| said...

Funny - 'those sides.'

I see you like sci-fi-type stuff. Yeah, that book there pushed the limits of the imagination.

gishungwa said...

Congratulations on the new house.Welcome to the home "owners" circle.

|d®| said...

Thanks, Gish. It's proving to be quite good; I can finally unwind after a long day without any interruptions from roommates!

NIKolaS said...

as you as enskwoncing yourself in your digs i am busy contemplating getting rid of my house and moving in with a couple of roomies. have fun bruv, there is no greater joy than watching telly in...

|d®| said...

We have to do what we have to do tho, what can I say. I, on the other hand, will have to live off bread and water for a while, and hold off on getting the Subie that I obsess about.
We should trade lives for a spell. lol!

KK said...

Thy neighbor's wife and The Devil's Labyrinth sound interesting. I'd take them except that I can't seem to be able to read anymore... Pity.

|d®| said...

Dude, that Devil's Labyrinth will re-ignite the dying embers and you'll be reading again before you can say beelzebub! For good measure, I'll throw in 2 other Dan Browns; one I just got... and finished in a day. It was that good.

Let me know if you're interested in copping them from me.

KK said...

Ok.. I guess I don't have much to loose. I'll sambaza my address by email.

Mo said...

KK, don't have much to lose? You have nothing to lose! Free books!

Unless, of course |d®| is a serial-killer spinning an elaborate trap.

LMAO. Perhaps I should stop re-reading this copy of Wilkie Collins' Moonstone that I've got.

|d®| said...

>KK: Alright, cool. I'll make it happen.

>Mo: Ha ha! Yeah, I see Collins is enhancing your imagination!
But you can't be too careful these days tho.