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Monday, June 29, 2009


Been looking for a new spot to move to, and it's proving to be much more difficult than I'd originally anticipated. Not that there's a shortage of places to rent; if anything it's ridiculous how many people are renting out, their own houses even.

But I suddenly remembered that I'm a grown-ass man and should have a spot of my own. I've had roommates for the longest and they always find a way to piss a brother off, especially when it comes to keeping the kitchen and bathroom clean. MD [Mama d®] was militant about keeping the bathroom & kitchen clean, and those values were hard-wired into my system.

[Speaking of, I asked MD the other day what she thought about my bro's Subaru and she was like:
"Ona ndiui arutire ngari io ku. Iri inegene ma! Igambaga ta kibikibi."]

While flipping through apartment guides and Craigslist one afternoon I was so [unpleasantly] surprised I almost gave up my lunch - apartments in the DC area don't come cheap. Holy sh*t, I'm talking about, on average, $900 a month! I was expecting it to be a "more reasonable" $750-ish, coz utilities gotta be paid for too, but nuh-uh. Can a brother get a break? It's good to have a friend who's a bean-counter tho, coz it's apparent I'll have to trim the fat off my already slender budget.

Of course it's all about location, location, location. The closer you are to downtown the pricier everything is, and that progression isn't exactly linear. Finding the right balance between location and affordability is turning out to be a black art of sorts. *sigh* If only I liked apartment-shopping as much as I do shopping for electronic gizmos!

Which reminds me: It's about that time of year - I need to get rid of lots of novels that have been stacking up, and which I'll never read again. Anyone stateside want them or better yet, wants to trade? I'll take a pic showing the titles soon as I get the camera back.


Hip-Hop verse of the day:

"Yeah, I want things to go my way
But as of late a lot of sh*t been going sideways
And my mother tried to run away from home
But I left something in the car so I caught her in the driveway
And she cried to me, so I cried too
And my stomach was soaking wet, she only 5′2"..."

Drake in Successful


cloudvillian™ said...

My kyuk is whack.. was MD sayin' that your bro's ride sounds like a mo'bike..? lol. Anyways, cant wait to see what books you got. God speed with the house-hunting! peace.

Anonymous said...

Did you just say the 'B' word? Books, I mean. Lets see what you got dood! I am all eyes. I have a stack you might want to peruse at your own pleasure - no pressure, mind :D

The New/Ol' Englander

gishungwa said...

Your Ma's too fresh *chuckles*. I have been for the last 8 months but the thought of house hunting is just too much and rent in NBO has doubled. All the best though.

|d®| said...

>Cloudvillian™: That's exactly what MD said. Apparently your Kyuk isn't that bad!
Good look; hope I find that new spot real soon.

>New OE: Sweet! I mean, smashing! [lol!]
That would be great - fresh reading material. Hopefully I've something you might like, and the 'B' word won't have been uttered in vain!

>Gish: Rent doubling?! Holy sh*t! Is it true about the mass exodus from NBO to surrounding cities like Thika?
Good luck with the hunt; hope you find someplace good real quick, for real.

Anonymous said...

Seems renting is dear everywhere! Hope you find a place soon...oh and still amaze at how well you write kyuk.

|d®| said...

Thanks. Still looking; hope something gives.

Apparently those 1st 3 years in primo when we were taught to read & write in Kyuk paid off!

Nakeel said...

Woe unto us who not yet dont have our own houses because the way rent is going not pleasing. All the best and stay positive.

|d®| said...

Yeah, sucks that rent almost never goes down. Now, if only that happened with my paycheck!

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