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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So I'm back on the grind, yesterday actually. It sucks balls. Work after 10 days of mischief isn't easy to get back into.

Nursing a spiritual hangover of sorts, while nursing a 2nd cup of coffee. Been in the pits these past couple of days.
Didn't smile all day yesterday, and the only thing that made me do it today is this. It's so silly.

As is McLovin.


Hip-hop quote of the day:

Leave her be for five minutes
Dudes try to dive in it
First they wanna spit on my name and tarnish my image
I tell them 'Dude, yo I don't care who she speaking with
'Cause I already know she made it clear who she leaving with'.."

Talib Kweli in Never Been In Love


Anonymous said...

McLovin? Oh no you didn't. But then again I wouldn't be reacting to said if I did not know what you were talking about, would I?

How you been, though?

Read any books while you were gallivanting around the known world on holiday? Like .. er .. Odd Hours or Nothing to Lose? Don't make me come over and beat you over the head with a book! :D

Loco said...

Hehe, welcome back to the world of the undead, I'm sure your abso-effin-lutely McMissing your lazy dazy vacation :-D

PS: that Kweli song is on point like two dots on a line!! What what!!

|d®| said...

>New Englander: Hey! Great to hear - well, read - from you! Been doing OK, I guess. Feel much better today; finally came to terms with the fact that I'm back to the daily grind and that vacation's over with.
And yes, McLovin is Superbad. Intended.
You'll be happy to know the animal you created went foraging at Borders some weeks back. You should've seen it when it stumbled across Nothing To Lose, and One Shot. Felt almost light-headed with excitement. One and a half weeks later, both titles were devoured.
I'll be back on the prowl this weekend tho, thanks for the Odd Hours tip. You know I'll cop that like yesterday!

>Loco: Lazy dazy is right, coz I really didn't do sh*t except lie about, just the way I wanted it. Sucks to be back tho, truth be told.
Like 2 dots on a line? That's a new one! Gotta throw it in one of my freestyle splurges!