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Monday, May 11, 2009


It certainly isn't plausible - or even affordable - now, but I'll need another car eventually. Allow me to explain.

I have a car right now for only 2 reasons: to get to where I need to be [read: work] in good time, and because I enjoy driving. If I lived in a city tho, I probably wouldn't need, or even afford, to keep one.

Since the bulk of us outside the homeland are students first and foremost, money is always scarce. Which means that there's never cash-flow to, say, go to a dealership today and pay for anything in full. The bulk of us get auto loans.

Now, the average auto loan 'matures' between 36 and 72 months. More often than not, you'd choose the 48 or 60, or even the 72, if only to make the monthly payments affordable. That's what I did when I got my current whip and would you know it, just when I'm about to pay that sucker off all these problems crop up. It doesn't help much that I drive it like I stole it, I know, but give a cat a break, y'know? Can a brother stay a few years without having to pay a car-note? [Insert several colorful 4-letter words here.]

But anyhow, I'm rather excited about the prospect of a different set of wheels. As much as I've learned lately about cars, the next one will have to be a solid performer, preferably Japanese, definitely rear or all-wheel driven, and have at least 200 horses on tap right out the box. Oh, and affordable. That last one there is the sole determinant.

I could go on and on and bore you with [unnecessary] car-talk so I'll just say this - the Subaru WRX is looking really good. What you could help me with tho, short of changaing to help a brother out, is ask whether you know anyone who's owned a Subaru and if so, how it's treated them, realiability-wise especially. If you can do things like these with it, it can't be that fragile now, can it? But holla at me tho with a thumbs up or down if you could; I'd appreciate it.


Hip-Hop Quote of the day:

We started out broke, constantly on a roll
Cuttin' up in the streets like we would never get old
Went from Lucy's and buses, to fifty-cent sodas
And Novas to Hondas, to Lexus to Rovers..".

Rah Digga in Busta Rhyme's I Know What You Want


Anonymous said...

rally drivers use it alot so it must be tough.

|d®| said...

True that. Must be a reason why a lot of rally teams chose it.

V^6 said...

That’s a tough one bro, But be advised, that’s not the same kind of car you will get at the local stealership. 530whp is a different beast than the standard WRX or even the overpriced STI. The higher Hp you go the more things you will need to replace, Take if from someone who broke an axle at the track last Friday. Damn I swear I could smell the rubber when he was drifting.
"Toa ndugu toa dada ulichonacho..."

|d®| said...

Sorry about the axle, man. But it was inevitable, considering the torque it has to deal with. In any case it's designed to break first, they say.

Yup, that clip with Ken Block is one of the sickest I've ever seen.

Damn right the STI is overpriced - 40 large?! That's like 60% more than its little brother which, if u would believe it, is faster 0-60! [Only the '09 version tho.] Throw in some twisties & the STI pulls away tho.

KK said...

I've always eyed the WRX... lakini kwa mbali. I know the old Subaru's lasted forever.... for whateva that's worth.

|d®| said...

You're right - it's not uncommon to see a rust-bucket of a Subaru. That's great; thanks for your input.

cloudvillian™ said...

No question. Cop that WRX son.. then bump Jigga "Money aint a thing".

|d®| said...

Ha ha! Sounds like a plan!