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Friday, April 24, 2009


Here's another of our in-school antics, thanks to the instructor.

I now see why I blacked out for a couple of seconds in that one accident; feels like a grown man's punch to the face.


cloudvillian™ said...

What, no HH quote? lol. I'm thinkin' : "Shorty hit the brakes too late" ~ Little Brother.

KK said...

LOL! See, now that's what I call a good learning environment - literally impossible to doze off in such a class.
BTW... tag u r it.... Don't know if u remember how to play. See mine for details:)

nikolas said...

damn! and i sit next to two of those in my car? now i am terrified. whatever shall happen to me if they ever malfunction? sensors are in the bumpers and doors right? saw them fooling aroudn with them on mythbusters....

|d®| said...

>cloudvillian™: Yeah, I'm slippin' alright, not having a hip-hop quote on this one!

>KK: After working all day then going to class with those monkeys, I sometimes am not in the mood. Them cats can be loud as hell!
Tag acknowledged!

>Nikolas: The only consolation is that even though an airbag will punch you silly, a faceful of dashboard - or worse - would hurt considerably more.

Think of it as a Doberman that nips you for fun but will protect you while you're sleeping. lol!

KK said...

LOL! Forgive me but that doberman analogy is not very comforting.

|d®| said...

Ha ha! So, no Doberman. Golden retriever then?