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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ah, nothing like real pain for a dose of mortality! I'm almost embarrassed to tell about this but imma do it anyway:

So, I got this paper-shredder to finally safely dispose of the stack of mail sitting on my bookshelf. Now, there's a very conspicuous label stuck on the shredder that clearly reads: DO NOT OVERLOAD. And I didn't overload it. At first, anyway. I quickly got impatient tho so I started feeding it 4, 5, 6 sheets at a time and would you know it, it got jammed.

Always quick to wanna fix gadgets, I grabbed the screwdriver set and pried the thing open, despite the warning on another label about being careful about watching out for stuff that could chop to pieces. I tried pulling the paper out from its teeth, to no avail. So I grabbed a pair of pliers to dislodge the paper, gripped the thing in the other hand and tugged. The next thing I knew there was blood everywhere! My hand had slipped and the thumb had impaled itself on one of the shredder's blades, deep. I was afraid I'd severed a major vessel but the river slowed to a trickle minutes later, and now it looks like this, below. Might have to go get it sewn up - still oozing. Damn.

Paper-shredder? More like finger-shredder.

[Why do we men love showing off our battle scars? Beats me.]

I was fortunate to catch Obama's entire inauguration online while at work, courtesy of the CNN/Facebook partnership. Simply twisted one of the monitors to face me and watched the entire event. The stream never once stuttered. How in the world did they handle all that traffic? So many people were logged on simultaneously! Amazing.

Passed by Nissan the other day hoping to catch a glimpse of the GTR - no luck. But they had this, the brand new 370Z. Yo, the photo doesn't do it justice; it's gorgeous. It's easily one of the meanest, best looking sports cars I've ever seen. Got to sit in the cockpit too. Amazing, a real driver's machine.

Alright, back to work. Boss-man's cracking the whip.


Hip-hop quote of the day:

"I used to tell you that your hair looked fly
Kiss you slow and stare in your eyes
Now I talk real foul and slick
Every other sentence is 'You make me sick'
Back in the day I was your number one pick
Now your heart's half-broken and it's hard to fix.."

LL Cool J in Love You Better


Anonymous said...

hope you learned your lesson Mr. Fix it all....

|d®| said...

I see u got jokes! Yeah, I seem to have this complex; I almost wish something could go wrong so I could fix it. Like, I reinstall my computer's OS maybe once every 2 months. Strange but true.