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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Unlike D, my politically savvy friend, I'm not usually interested in politics. The only exceptions are during the unfortunate post-election goings-on in Kenya earlier this year and, of course, Barack's stunning rise to the [alleged] topmost spot in the world.
[I'm sorry - I meant President-elect Barack Obama. Let me not act like I'm on a first name basis with the man.] I've watched more news this year than I've had my entire lifetime prior to these events.

To use the Hip-Hop generation's lingo to describe President-elect Obama's ascent, phrases not unlike From rags to riches, Barack Obama went:
- From ashy to classy
- From a disgrace to amazing grace
- From the outhouse to the White House

Jokes aside though, he's an exceptional human being. I sincerely hope he does a great job. So, while you're here, check out Obama behind the scenes on election night. And dude has a great sense of humor, [you have to have been following the campaign on a fairly regular basis to get the bulk of the jokes tho] and is a true baller.

Now that's presidential material.


Anonymous said...

am charging, 100 bucks for the slideshow- you know what am sayin?

Anonymous said...

i am adopting a wait and see attitude here, dude can only do so much, no?

|d®| said...

>Anon: You didn't specify the currency, hotshot; I'll get you 100 Zimbabwean dollars.

>31337: True, true. There's a lot of work before him.

Anonymous said...

Rome was not built in one day, but there is nothing wrong with some progress.

|d®| said...

As downhill as things have been going lately, any progress he makes, even if he only manages to stem the flow into recession, will be significant.

I just hope he stays as focused as he is right now. Dude's swag is ill.

Anonymous said...

Flattered at your shout-out, and yes, I breathed, ate n slept the elections for 2 years! Now that it's over, I must rediscover meaning, especially since there's no Nip/Tuck yet.

|d®| said...

Can't wait for the new season. The teaser commercials they're running have me so hype about the new season!