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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Was caught up in the usual evening gridlock today when I saw it - 2 Priuses back to back. *GASP!*

I sincerely hope this isn't a sign of things to come. Granted, the Prius is a remarkable vehicle, the car all 'green' vehicles aspire to be when they grow up, but I've grown to hate it; not because it's uninteresting but because it has become rather Utopian, a fashion statement of sorts. The Prius owners I know, with the exception of a practical few, are complacent, snotty-nosed brats, incessantly broadcasting their - shall we say - smugness about saving Mother Earth. Damn, it's not like I'm trying to destroy the earth by driving the Mitsubishi - I too live here, punk!

Truth be told tho, I'd want one, if only to save on cheddar at the pump. Problem is, I can see myself trying to soup it up: bigger wheels, noisy exhaust, better
NiMH batteries, two subs in the trunk.... I'm silly like that.

In other news:
Ever watched Undercover Brother with Eddie Griffin, Denise Richards, Dave Chappelle, etc? I think it's hilarious. Bandwidth permitting, watch some of the clips on YouTube. Or start with this one.

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