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Thursday, May 01, 2008


Things do, and always will, change. Due to the inevitability of that fact, it's only logical that we should try and accept, or even embrace, change. Granted, some changes aren't exactly great, but human nature is such that we worry ourselves sick about stuff that's inevitable.

For instance, I was talking to my Dad this past weekend when the convo veered toward what all people talk about these days - politics & gas prices. About the latter, Dad snickered remembering when, back in the day, gas was 61¢ a gallon & people still got their panties in a bunch over it, like we are now.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not insinuating, even for a minute, that we should sit back and watch OPEC f*ck everyone over, no. But if that's how it's gotta be, so be it. Something always gives in the end, one way or another. As brother-man would say,
Don't say you can't afford it. Think of what to do so you can afford it.

Which leads me to the thesis statement, if you will, of this post: I need a bike. And not just any bike - a 'Gixxer' 600.

Alright alright, I don't need a bike. I want it.

Knowing my need for speed tho, it probably isn't a great idea for yours truly to get on a bike that's capable of hitting 180MPH+. But I think I'm old enough to exercise restraint - somewhat. Then again, the little boy in me is very much alive and I can see myself trying to see how fast I could go, how long it would take from, say, Philly to DC. Not only that, but I'd get real friendly with the local authorities, I'm sure. Some vehicles you can't ride slow.

But then again, I'd save a lot of cheddar on gas money. Plus, I could then use the HOV lanes and actually get to work on time. True, insurance would be a b*tch, but all that would be more than covered by the savings on gas money.

And thus ends my sales pitch. I'll now submit this to the powers that be. Catch you on the Gixxer, pending approval.
*crossing fingers*