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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hot damn. At the rate these years are blowing by, I’ll be like 70 before I know it. Yeah, just had another birthday last week.

And, as usual, GR’s fam spoiled me rotten. Thanks to them & to all who wished me well. I’m even amazed people remember my b-day, especially considering that I never tell anyone about it unless they asked. Feels good to know someone gives a rat’s ass about me tho, knowwhati’msayin’?

Good weekend, it was, even the poppin' tags part with ATM, [America's Top Model] as much as I don't like to shop.

[ATM, props for being very, very slick, while remaining absolutely covetable the entire time. Payback is a bitch, that’s all I gotta say.]

Though so much has already changed in this my new year, apparently the workload hasn’t. Gotta get back to the hustle. Later y’all.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday. Indeed, time flies when you are having fun, innit?

|d®| said...

Thanks; I appreciate that.
Fun, you said? More like going thru the motions the past year. This year's looking up already tho, thank God.

Anonymous said...

Happy 40-something birthday...jk. No worries, u'll be there soon. lol. I luh u tho.

|d®| said...

Ha ha, aren't you the funny one. Like I always tell you tho, you'll catch up real quick!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated...I was in Kenya and offline pole.
You're not 40 are ya?


|d®| said...

Hope Kenya was fun for you.
40? What, you too, like D? Nah, not even close.

Anonymous said...

(very) belated birthday luv, dR. and no worries - only the first 100 years are hard, it gets better after that..

|d®| said...

Oh, you got jokes, don't you? 100?

Thanks tho, I appreciate that.