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Monday, March 03, 2008

POOF! PUFF! POW! Nah, more like BOOM!

Woke up today feeling like something the cat dragged in, for whatever reason. Still beat. I shouldn't be the one tired; it should be the Next Top Model coz she's been running around in my mind all day.

[And yes, that line was very deliberate.]

Since my boy Ura so eloquently described the events surrounding the near-demise of V^6's monster GTi, [a.k.a. Black Stella] I'll now supply the photographic evidence, along with this formula:

(145MPH-capable VW) + (75-shot Nitrous) + (Faulty N2O Solenoid) + (V^6 Behind Wheel) =
(Instant annihilation of part formerly known as Intake Manifold) + (Hole in Heat-shield)

And if you're like: Dang, 145MPH?
Bah. Fiddlesticks. Balderdash. 145MPH is so last week. Wait till that Nitrous is working right. *rubbing hands with glee*

Ura, your GTi's next. I'm thinking twin Garrett turbos. What say ye?


Unknown said...

Uncle Sam hasn't been too kind to the balance on my account, but I'll wait till Stella is off Life support. Twas nice to hang out...

The Black Mamba said...

145 mph is fast. Try driving twice over the speed limit on sharp bends. I did last year on a road trip in a $297,000 muscle car. I could have gone faster were it not that my heart beat was like 200 bpm.

I have the Phamtom Drophead coupe lined up for me in the spring for a repeat performance.

If it not for the soft top I'd be doing the full works. All the way down.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for the well wishes,I talked to a lung specialist today and she promised to have a new and improved heavy duty lung for Stella by the end of the week. She will be able to run faster and better than she ever could.
You can donate towards Stella's lung funds @
Kongomaitu rural checking and withdrawal bank.
69 Riveroad crescents,
Industrial area, PA 1234

|d®| said...

>Ura: I heard that - bank figures are almost ghostly. No sooner does the paycheck go in than it vanishes, leaving one wondering whether the check went in at all!

>Ssembonge: 297K?! What was that, a Ferrari or Lambo?! I'd sell a kidney to drive - let alone own - one of those. lol!
And yes, 145 in a drop-top would be downright scary!

>V^6: Since it looks like you're determined to break the land speed record, it's time to replace your V-rated Kumhos to W or Y-rated tires.
Oh, and some aerodynamic work too, so Stella doesn't start thinking she's a jet at 160MPH!

Anonymous said...

Translated blog as blah, blah V^6, heat, blah, Ura, Nitrous, V^6, blah. HA!

|d®| said...

Oh, you got jokes, I see. I'm sure I'd say the same if you started talking numbers, so zip it.

Anonymous said...

First off, Bah, Fiddlesticks n Balderdash??? And now ur up to selling kidneys just to drive a car? I'm officially done with you. At least until you rectify the "wat say ye" talk.

p.s. Lay off the NIP/TUCK...selling kidneys...smh.

|d®| said...

You know you like that Queen's English twist now; don't front.
& I should be the one telling u to lay off the Nip/Tuck. On 2nd thought, don't. It's too great a show.