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Friday, February 01, 2008


Apparently, my sorry attempt at singing elicited lots & lots of ridicule, all good-natured of course. Good times.

I'm one to go down swinging, so I hit the 'studio' again today, and here's another go at it. I daresay it's better than the last one. But then again, I could be wrong. Didn't bother to mix anything up this time tho, & I forgot some words too, my bad.

This one is by Musiq, one of the few artists that seem to understand that thing called love, whatever it is.

['18 hard questions,' wanna sing backup for me?]


Farmgal said...

You is redeemed bratha...and eish aren't you brave.
I think you can still go past the second round on Idol. I'll keep saying that till you say you'll do it! :)

>d® said...

Getting over an extremely nerve-wracking but extremely satisfactory weekend, thanks to [American] football, among other... things. Hope yours was good too.

Thanks for certifying my redemption. And don't worry - the studio will be closed for a while now. To the general population anyway!

Farmgal said...

My weekend was mzuri despite the horrible weather.

Now why oh why do you want to close the studio? Kwanza there's a key you hit ....was it A?

Did your tema win?

Anonymous said...

since my connection shall not allow me the full pleasure of serenadation..eeewww!! i shall sit here quietly in the safe ignorance of your singing or lack thereof skills in auditory entertainment.

>d® said...

>FG: Weather? I feel you. Haven't seen the sun in what, weeks? At least it's warm.

Yes, my team won. I actually prayed they would too. lol!

>Aegeus: lol! Consider yourself fortunate you didn't have to be subjected to the torture!

Nubian Queen said...

Haha thats one of my fav song....
Not bad at all...a lil bit more work u shud put there...u do have the voice

>d® said...

Thanks, you're too kind. I do it for the love tho, what can I say.