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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

'08 = OH SH*T.

Like everyone else, I've been observing the tumult surrounding the Kenya elections with dismay. Thank God the tension is dissipating - or is dissimilated by the presence of the military.

This holiday season was spent working, traveling, drinking, texting, watching the election proceedings on BBC, lusting over some dime-pieces, and just lazing around. The one constant was that I managed to contract some fever - probably some flu - that was uncomfortably reminiscent of Malaria. [The Maragua kind. Vicious, trust me.] It got me right before Xmas day and slowly let go toward New Year's, but tell me why I managed to contract another, which is making its presence
felt right now. Sucks. What a way to start the new year.

But screw the flu - I pray the turmoil in Kenya will subside.

It was in the middle of my earlier bout with the flu that I discovered that I'm a real baby when I'm ill. Thing is, I'm almost never ill; this is probably my first ailment in like 2 years, give or take a few headaches here, a few stomachaches there. I talked to my cuz about it, about how juvenile I get when I'm ill, and she was like: It's not just you; all men are babies when they're ill. I daresay she's right. Seeing how most of my friends are female, I've seen, first hand, some of the stuff they go through. Matter of fact, I suspect that if men stepped in women's shoes for a spell:

- Childbirth would be painless

- PMS wouldn't stand for Premenstrual Syndrome, [or Pantone Matching System, for that matter] but would be an acronym for some organization such as Prevent Men from Suffering. Oh, and it would have unlimited funding from the government.

- High-heeled shoes that scrunch toes together would be outlawed.

- An entire day at the salon would cost $
15. A haircut would be $120.

- Football and basketball would come on TV at like 1 am. The Oprah Winfrey show would be akin to the president's address to the nation - everything would come to a screeching halt and every TV station would broadcast it.

- Granny-panties would replace thongs as the sexiest underwear. Shoot, The Thong Song would probably be renamed The Pantyline Song.

I see I'm going downhill with this, so I better quit while I'm ahead.

But yeah, that's how it was. My bad to everyone who tried to holla at me and I was M.I.A.; I'll hit you back, no doubt. Good luck this new year y'all.

Here's how the new year found me. Uh, don't mind the shirt.


Anonymous said...

crazy elections this time...hope the beef stops

|d®| said...

You and I both, trust. Sad, sad situation.

Farmgal said...

Happy new year to you
and yes most men if not all are like babies when ill.

God bless my country Kenya

|d®| said...

Wsup. Happy new year to you too.

Yeah, I too pray that peace would once more prevail.

D'moiselle said...

lol@list on men in women's shoes..

i feel u on the flu, had a bad case too in 2007.

happy 2008!

|d®| said...

"Thank you, thank you very much!"
Enjoy '08 too.