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Friday, November 09, 2007


Thought nothing ever happened in DC besides traffic jams, politics and murders?

Think again. [Not exactly safe for work.]



Anonymous said...

dooooooooooooooooode! aiiiiii!! indeed not safe for work. :o)

thanks for dropping a note at the castle, this here is an invite including a season pass.... heheeh!!

|d®| said...

Ha ha, yeah, DC's going buck-wild! I could scarcely believe it myself when I first heard it on the radio, not to mention read about it!

Anonymous said...

N ppl make comments bout my city bein crazy....dang...at least we do our things discreetly...and we wear real underwear or do a Britney..lol. This was straight up disturbing...sucks to be them...or is it nothing ventured...jk. hahaha.

|d®| said...

Nothing ventured, huh? You're skating on some real thin ice. [I crack myself up]

I don't know about that - your city's pretty wild too, almost Compton-like in its infamy.

Anonymous said...

N proud of it! When they make TV shows bout ur town...n 2 at that...holla at me. lol. F-fax baby!!!! jk (almost laughing at ur whack...cheap...lol...joke b out the ice)

|d®| said...

Trying to start a my-city-your-city civil war here, are we? lol!
Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but there are lots more shows and movies centered at or around around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and u know this.