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Monday, November 19, 2007


It was in the middle of my usual morning Scandinavian Flick round my favorite bend in the back roads that I remembered I've yet to put up the sequel to the 'Bewitched' post. Maybe it was the sense of impending peril that did it. The post will go up tonight or early tomorrow.

The Scandinavian Flick is not for the faint of heart, ladies and gentlemen. You need balls of steel and brass buns to match - or sheer stupidity, for that matter - to try and do it on public roads. I almost lost it today. Almost. Scared the daylights out of whoever was driving that Accord coming toward me. It's also as close as I've ever come to involuntarily wetting myself.
Gotta chill out, for real.

Y'all have a good one.


Anonymous said...

So that is what it is called, now that my tyres are due for replacement, si i can pull that one? Hehehehehe, let me see..where can i try it where in case i lose it i can drive away bila any dents...

You said you almost wet yourself, you knew you were pulling the stunt, the other dude, woi!!

|d®| said...

Let's just say I caught a glimpse of the unfortunate soul behind the wheel of the Accord in my peripheral vision and yes, dude was shook, to say the least! I guess I would be too if some car came around the bend sideways, going too fast, seemingly out of control, tires squealing.

Anonymous said...

Heheheh!! Seemingly being the key word here...i would already be making friends with the verge of the road!! Has saved my tush quite a number of times avoiding idiot **driving on the wrong side of the road** overtakers who are overly optimistic of the acceleration of their cars...

|d®| said...

That idiot would be... ummm, me. lol!

Just kidding - I'm not exactly a bully on the road. I like to test the car's limits, that's what, practice new maneuvers. Once I get my money right, as Kanye would say, I can maybe get a project car to flog about on the racetrack.