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Monday, July 02, 2007


I snatched up a domain name in WordPress that's similar to this one here some months back, if only to keep everything consistent. Check out my oh-so-basic page out, will ya?

Thing is, the more I play around with WordPress the more I like it, but I'm still unwilling to make the switch, at least until I know for certain that it's better than Blogger.

And this is where y'all come in. Which one's better, Blogger or WordPress? Should yours truly make the switch?


Anonymous said...

I kinda regret changing to wordpress
Mainly cos of google ads.
eerrr I have nothing more to ongeza.

|d®| said...

What up. Hmmm, I see. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

and how are those exams coming along..ama you finished?
Hope you're good!

Anonymous said...

The advantages of using WordPress.com over Blogger in my opinion are:

1.) WordPress is run by bloggers for bloggers. That means that there is a team of people who are bloggers just like you who are constantly working to improve it. For example widgets which allow you to make quick changes to your sidebar, inbuilt stat counters, RSS feeds for each post and page etc if there is a feature you want that is not yet available it is probably in the pipeline.

2.) WordPress.com and a stand alone WordPress installation on your own domain are almost identical. This means that if you eventually decide to get your own domain name and install WordPress you will already know the software you are using inside out making the upgrade a breeze.

3.) This is connected to number 1 above – WordPress is open source, you may not care about such things but for those of us who do it is quite important!

4.) WordPress in my opinion is easier on older computers, this is important because some of your readers are probably accessing your blog in cyber cafes that may be running older machines.

Well there are my reasons!

The advantage of blogger at the moment is that it has more themes and you have more control over how your blog looks.

And Farmgal you should be able to implement google ads on your WordPress blog using one of the text based widgets.

|d®| said...

>Farmgal: Summer school ends next week, thank God! Ummm, which means finals are next week. *groan*
After that, best believe I'll try and make up for lost [summer] time! Thanks for asking.

>Mental: Good look, man. I appreciate it. That is as exhaustive a comparison as I'll ever get, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mental Just read that somewhere and came here to say ooops!

Anonymous said...

No problem! If either of you need help with code, AdSense etc feelanga free like a fly in a fanta bottle to shout me.