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Sunday, April 08, 2007


I woke up feeling exceptionally good, despite going to bed really late. It was Easter Sunday and 9am, and even I was surprised that I didn't wanna sleep no more. That didn't mean I had to get out of bed tho so I just lay in it thinking about everything and nothing, only to be rudely jolted from my reverie by my boy, commonly known as 'The Dishwasher' [TD], who came stomping down the steps to the basement. Dude is always hype in the mornings, which I am not, and that grates on my last nerve every time I'm crashing at his house.

Flashback: The previous night I'd had to study for my exam Monday and HE too had to study for his own exam Monday, so we made a pact to go and study for a few after 11pm. We made coffee, went over to his office and each started doing his own thing. Soon as he sat down dude was like:

"Yo, D, I feel so alert right now. I wish I felt like this every time I had to go study; I feel like I could study for like 4 hours straight!"
"Good for you," I said.


15 minutes later, and in the middle of a yawn that sucked in half the air in the room, he was like:

"Damn, I'm like dozing off. Check this out - imma doze off for 20 minutes... it's now 11.40, right?"
"Right," I said.
"Wake me up at midnight. And don't forget, punk."
"Alright," I conceded, and went right back to the books.

At exactly 12, I woke dude up and he was like:
"Dawg, I can't do it, I have to sleep. I'm too beat." I did my best to make him get up but noooo, he said he was no more good for studying, so I let him be. Punk. He slept in there all night long, but I went to bed at like 2.30am.

Back to the tale.

So, I ignored TD running his mouth, and he eventually gave up talking and hit the shower, where he promptly started singing. Not only was he off-key, but he got the lyrics all mixed up in the song and I eventually found myself yelling out something to the effect of:

For some reason he found that hilarious.

We later went to church. I spoke with my lil' friend D some minutes before we had to go and as usual she was crackin' on me, talking about how I should be ashamed of myself for only going to church over Easter and Christmas. FYI, D, I'm semi-regular, and soon to be a regular church-goer, so there!

Since it was Easter Sunday and everything, and since TD is like my brother from another mother, I joined him and his family for lunch at some restaurant that was like 20-30 minutes away. The food was sooo good, well worth the 30-minute drive. But even better was the chance I got to drive this new car, a Toyota Prius.

Ladies and gentlemen, this little hybrid is a modern marvel. Dude, as long as you have the 'key' in your possession and are close to the car you don't have to unlock it - the doors automatically open! The key is some sort of authentication device with lock, unlock and panic buttons, that you can either plug into some slot in the dash to drive the car - or not at all! Allow me to describe the experience:

I got into the cockpit, coz that's what it is, and was stymied. There was no keyhole, just buttons. But there was a big ol' button to the right of the steering wheel that read Power, so I pushed that. Sure enough, all these lights came on! So I pushed Power again and lo and behold, all systems were go, and some green-colored LED came on that read Ready. The shifter, if it can even be described as such, is a little toggle switch that moves inside a lowercase-h-shaped slot whose extremities are labeled Park, Drive and Reverse. We needed to back up so, logically, I moved the 'selector' into Reverse and could suddenly see the space behind the car on the in-dash full-color screen! Then, when this thing moves it's downright creepy - it's soundless! It just glides, apparently powered by its electric motor! The engine kicks in from time to time, though it's always as unobtrusive and almost as soundless as the rest of it!

In short, I was thoroughly impressed by the technology under the Prius' hood. I can't even right now describe all of its niceties - or anomalies for that matter. It's like driving around with your PC while in your office chair, 4 real!

After I had sufficiently gotten over the driving experience and we were back to the crib after lunch, we all passed out, courtesy of the itis. It's inevitable: Black People + Food = Sleep. Trust.

A few hours and some coffee-cups later I had to drive back to the crib and familiar territory, and here I am right now, regrettably. It's always so good to get away , and it sucks nuts to get back. But oh well, that's just the way it is.

Hope y'all had a great Easter, and have a good week.


Farmgal said...

Seems you enjoyed easter..by the way everytime I see that name 'dishwasher' I cant help laughing. How did that come about?
Ehhh that car..I have to see it to believe but I dont doubt what u say!

Anonymous said...

fyi, not so lil'...2nd, semi regular? Ok..just cuz u went this easter, will go again on All Souls Day n Christmas, hardly makes u any type of regular...semi or otherwise. I think u forgot the part bout u playin a wise man too! Still mad at u for that. Neway, happy easter season to u. P.s. Easter season lasts 7 weeks (found that out yesterday)...i challenge u to go to church for that whole season!

Erick said...

I've driven one of those Keyless cars, not a Prius, definitely no in-dash screen. It's nice to not have to remove the key from your pocket. Ever. And if the keys fall out of your pocket in the car, you can't lock the car. It beep-nags you :-) .

|d®| said...

>Farmgal: Dishwasher? Where do I even begin to explain that one? Short version - dude's always cleaning something!
And for real tho, that car is exactly as I described it. You should see its manual; it looks like a phone directory!

>D: All Souls Day? Never heard of that one. Or is that info only reserved for regular church-goers? And consider it done - I'll go to church the entire season!
Best believe I realize you're not so little. I'm sure our mutual friend would concur! ;)

>Erick: Oh snap, it keeps beeping to alert you? That's exactly the car my boy needs; he keeps locking his keys in!

Anonymous said...

prius is overhype Tesla roadster is the ultimate, click my name to find out.

|d®| said...

Of course the Tesla's a lot more car, but it isn't exactly practical. A Prius has 4 doors, seats 5 and has a big boot. Give me the Tesla any day tho, I can't front!

Anonymous said...

here's a guess and correct me if I'm in err...U didn't go to church today....

|d®| said...

Tsk tsk! O ye of little faith!