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Sunday, February 25, 2007


I fell asleep last night knowing we were in for a little precipitation today but damn, when I looked out the window this morning this is what I found:

Then, to my dismay, I later opened up the fridge looking for some food. It was a foolish gesture coz I already knew there was nothing in there but I checked anyway. There was only the staple - stuff that doesn't go bad like ketchup or mustard. I was as hungry as a hostage and had to go buy some food and this is what I saw looking out the front door. Great, just great.

I had little else to do afterward since it was treacherous out there, so I spent a good part of the day at my beat-up desk, behind this screen.

And speaking of screens, my girl G.R.'s new laptop is a
beast. Intel Centrino Duo, 1GB RAM, 150GB HDD, XP Media Center edition, an integrated megapixel camera, even an IR remote! My laptop in comparison, to the right, looks like Rosie O'Donnell standing next to Charlize Theron.

I was supposed to work all weekend long but I only went in for a couple of hours, just to make sure that some pain-in-the-ass project that's due early this week is doable. My boss is a nervous wreck when it come to due-dates so I think I'll wear this t-shirt tomorrow to work, if only to reassure him that I've everything under control.

I'm resigned to the fact that I'll never make real money working for someone else, so I gotta come up with some big money scheme, as Pac would've put it.

Firstly, I need to stop driving too fast. But it's rather difficult, damn near impossible actually, not to drive kidogo fast in the slo-z.

See, today would've been perfect if I'd been snowed in with a warm body in close proximity, a body like my girl wifie's. That would've been off the chain.

Seeing how I can act a fool sometimes, here's one of those times.

That little boy is hilarious, by the way.
And speaking of hilarious, here's another night we were really acting a fool, and
Kobe was there too looking all pretty.

And speaking of pretty, here's my little go-getter friend posing with - you guessed it, Ehrlich himself, Maryland's former governor. He was still governor then tho.

Every man should hang out with the boys from time to time. My boys and I, however, end up doing stuff like this. It's only coincidence that we look like we belong in some frat or something. I love them cats; they're crazy.

My lil cousin went to the ATL, one of my favorite cities, on some field trip. Next to H-Town, you ain't never seen so many whips with chrome shoes.

[I love the little girl's expression, above. She looks pissed - so funny!]
And here's my aforementioned cousin, with a bunch of people from her school.
[Dishwasher, eat your heart out!]

I'm sure you figured out she's the one on the left.

As for me, I'll keep holding it down right here in the big VA.

Have a good week!


Princess said...

Nice pics...cannot believe how much snow you got in VA this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Break it down dude. Snow is the shit aint it? LOL!
And you fear exposing your mug and you be fronting all the time. What's up with that????

|d®| said...

>Princess: Yeah, it was more than they'd said it would be. It's above freezing tho, so it's all a bunch of slush; could've been worse.

>Anon: I'd much rather it didn't snow at all.
Me, Dee, frontin;? That's an oxymoron, really. I'm like a book with one blank page between the covers - that uncomplicated!

Anonymous said...

Uncomplicated? I'd beg to differ....n lmao at many of ur pics...One in particular, i'm mad at, but flattered at the same time. Cheers!

|d®| said...

It's all love baby gurl, all love!

Anonymous said...

Why you all in white trainers/shoes? Ni klub gani hii?
Nice pics! Now you.. I asked you last year to quit being a tease! Ok I know where to go...JOP..you know where that is?

|d®| said...

I've heard of JOP, yes.

Ha ha, it was only coincidence that we're all wearing black, blue & white; we don't coordinate like that!

CiikuMrsBabes said...


Do u know why I am laughing?

|d®| said...

Ha ha, you're hilarious! Yes, I get it!

Unknown said...

long time....
count me in for the big money scheme... i have a couple of ideas and can set us up with a neat incontrovertible alibi and then some...
Bro mentioned what you are looking for. I got the hook up, just holla.
Nice pics

|d®| said...

Wsup. Alright then, maybe we can swap paper-chasing ideas; I'll hit u up.

And good looking out. My version is shot; need another.

Stephen A. Bess said...

I love the pics! Atl is one of my favorite places too. 2nd home for real. Peace~

|d®| said...

Thanks man. And yes, ATL is definitely where it's at!