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Monday, December 18, 2006


Ever feel like you expect too much of people? No? Well, I do. Some of us might take our [apparent] intelligence for granted and I did that for the longest, but I now know that I might be clueless about things that might seem obvious to someone else, and vice versa.

I’ve one clueless acquaintance at jobo who’s really out there like that. I’m not being mean here, just keeping it real.
I sometimes wonder what goes on inside her head.

She reminds me of Jessica Simpson saying that
she’s really good at being oblivious, coz that’s how this girl is, and I’m not even kidding. My workmate’s and my analogy is that if you dared venture inside her head, she’d be in there a little girl in pigtails clutching at a straw basket, whistling merrily and skipping happily through a dandelion-studded prairie; butterflies and hummingbirds fluttering all over, a rainbow in the horizon and a little fairy buzzing up beside her.

Yes, she’s perpetually up there flying with the birds with Red & Meth. Not to say she be high tho.

Seeing how English is such a wonderfully manipulatable language, this girl inspires phrases like:

> not the sharpest knife in the drawer
> one neuron short of a synapse
> about as sharp as a bowling ball
> doesn’t know well enough to come in out of the rain
> suffers from cranial flatulence
> had a chip on her shoulder… till she ate it
> couldn’t repair her brakes, so she made her horn louder
> might have a photographic memory but is fresh out of film
> doesn’t know when to stop pushing in the Q-Tip

In other news:
Congratulations to Gilbert Arenas for making Wizards history last night. I just might start liking my home team the Wizards again, coz this cat is sick with it.

, leave the Sixers already! You’ll never get that championship ring there!

Congrats also to JD for being crowned Producer of the Year in the BET Awards sometime back, if that means anything.

Meanwhile, catch Stewie in action. Funny, funny stuff.


dll said...

oh no you didnt hit her with the lil red ridin hood analogy! for shame!! pretty funny tho. stewies the bestest i laughed so hard

>d® said...

Yup, that clip had me dying; I never tire of it.

See, I'd otherwise feel bad about talking about this chick but she has a mean streak, despite her cranial flatulence, so I'm like whatever!

D said...

"flatulence"???? damn...i'll give u that...that topped ne word i've eva put out there...loving the horn one tho...lol. Damn...u ripped her for real! wow...who knew u could be soooo mean?

msanii said...

Gilly is dat dude...but no way i'm hopping on that bandwagon...

Seems like my dude is on his way to Denver..becomes my squad by default..

>d® said...

>D: Girl, please; we both know you rule when it comes to big words.

Mean? Maybe. I can't be all good now, can I?

>Msanii: The Nuggets?! Well well well!

acolyte said...

I guess you have to come across such all the time! That mama reminds me of the Kenyan chic grad student we have in uni, mama is as thick as a brick!
As for Papa Smurf, I didnt know he won an award nor do I care.

acolyte said...

ps: BET sucks!

>d® said...

If BET sucks, MTV sucks balls! lol!

The problem with this one here is that she doesn't even try. Everyone keeps telling her the same stuff every day and it always goes in one ear & out the other. Bossman today actually told me to fire her. I'll give her one more chance.

D said...

yo....one more chance??? Ok, now u got me confused...one minute ur bein all mean the next ur soft...do the damn thing!!! Trump her a$$. lol. lmmfao @ "Bet sucks balls"....haven't heard that in a minute.

>d® said...

Nah, I'm not getting all soft on you. I just wanna be absolutely certain that she's incompetent, that's all.

What would u like from me for Xmas? Within reason? :)

D said...

Read ur email n u'll find out...would a phone call be too much to ask for???

>d® said...

Well, you see what had happened was....

Seriously tho, my bad for the incommunicado.

Parentals come thru OK?

ck said...

Why do I hear the Dee Dee Dee song in the background??

>d® said...


D said...

Now I dunno why u started it off w/ "see wat had happened was..."...that's code for us BMore folk....straight up. Code for: i know i'm wrong n it's my fault but....yea they came thru ok...more on all that later. Ciao bello

Mutumia said...

Let's also rep for the indigenous languages "nîatigaratie itherokia rîmwe" in the "lights are on but nobody's home" school of thought (or lack thereof)

>d® said...

>D: BTW, you'll have to fight for your mans-n-'ems affections now. I'll explain later - too funny!

>Muts: Nice! Got any more? I'm drawing a blank here.

Anonymous said...
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