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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


First, I gotta give a shout-out to my boy The Dishwasher:
Happy birthday dawg; many more.

I was out of town this past weekend hanging out with The Dishwasher & all of them fools. It was lots of fun, and here's evidence. Trust me, the best of it isn't even in this clip. Nothing like improv to sharpen the wits, eh? Them dudes are hilarious.

Y'all be safe out there.


Anonymous said...

omg.... yall crazy. ice on my lamp shade, he said??!!

Anonymous said...

They who cannot rap buy the CDs!! That was hilarious! Door nobs of gold??!! In addition to the violence-throwing of trash buckets and towels on heads they should have had at least 5 mics each with all their boys in back saying *ish like uurgh, yeah, aha!!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha. props to the amateur rappin bros. dan-c n his towel on the head...damn....that was real hood! But hey...can't rag on my...our boy the Dishwasher. Like u said, definite props to him on turning another year.

Udi said...

LMAO. No comment on the two clowns.

|d®| said...

>Shaw: Yes, verbatim - ice on my lampshade.
Notice how he's gotta say that I think I'm hot but I'm really not - does that every time!

>CK: Yup, them cats crack me up! But then again, you already know how funny they be!
ps: Ready for the Durrty South?

>D: Time flies tho, doesn't it? Can't believe your Dishwasher is deuce deuce already!
Yeah, take us 3, some chicks and some sizzurrp & you have a party on your hands!

>Udi: There really isn't that much to say, is there? Them dudes are a piece of work!

Anonymous said...

yo....had to watch that again...why is my shoutout???? That lil ingrate! aight...i got him. Yo, n the beat thing? Man, i need to take him to BMORE city, give him a 101 on bmore docks- how beats r made (hands up thumbs down....) Can never go wrong w/ that combo tho...yall always make me laugh

|d®| said...

I know, right? You need to run your boy thru beatboxin' 101!
Trust me, he gave you a shout-out; it's just not on this one clip!

Anonymous said...

The Blast

Talib & Hi-Tek off the Reflection Eternal album. That was a sunny ass beat, one of my faves.

|d®| said...

That's the one!! Thanks man!
Now, off to downloading!

Anonymous said...

I waited for my jina to no avail. Tell the kid with gold door knobs that lalaing on my couch wont happen again if I am not invited to go to Latin clubs

Anonymous said...

Bila Words Bila say