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Thursday, October 05, 2006


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

Consider that my thesis statement.

After work last Tuesday I swung thru and scooped my home girl Shaw up coz she’d copped the Tokyo Drift movie for me. [Good looking out, Shaw] Y’all know I love cars so I had to watch that, as much as the acting sucked.

The car action was nothing short of spectacular though. Rhys Millen, among others, did his thing in the stunts. Millen is the truth, ladies & gentlemen.

We were driving to her crib when, after a moment of silence, she was like:
“You’re a really aggressive driver, you know that?”
“For real?!” I responded, feigning ignorance.
”Yup,” she said. “You need to slow your ass down.”

That sparked off a 5-minute exchange till she came up with a solution.
“You have a camera, right?”
I nodded.
“A camcorder?”
“Nah, mine’s all messed up,” I confessed.
“Well, imma give you mine,” she persisted. “Have someone tape you driving. Shoot, stick the camera somewhere and record yourself. Try to act normal. Then you’ll see what I mean.”

So I did it. I literally stuck her camera on my rear windshield and recorded myself driving home from work last evening. Check it out here, 5 minutes worth of d-money’s ordinary driving. [Hope I don’t exceed my daily allocated bandwidth.]

I’m not that aggressive, am I? Be honest.


Anonymous said...

That was interesting. You look kidogo self concious at the beggining with your hands 'safely' at 10 and 2 only moving to shift the gear then you 'kinda' slip and revert back to yourself at the end..lol. There were sections you were abit aggressive but on the whole you looked measured.

Now I gatsta ask though - why do you have a t-shirt hanging from your seat? What's that all about?

Anonymous said...

ninja driver. at first you knew the camera was there, tru kenyan in front of the camera, lakini after that, you forgot and went back to your smokin leaning hand out of window self.

Half 'n' half said...

You are a tad aggressive especially when you forgot about the camera...not reckeless though. dope music but was really glad when you removed some of them....

|d®| said...

>Magaidi: The two-handed grip is the usual, especially on the freeway and at higher speeds.
Ha ha, the t-shirt?! That's for the summer, to protect the seat. I drive shirtless with the windows down all summer long.

>Anon: I must admit the camera made me a little self-conscious at first!

>Half 'n' half: It's good you think I'm not reckless. I'm sure FCPD would disagree though! :)
Thanks, about the music.

Udi said...

since I have had the pleasure/scare of being in ur moti, I will withhold my comment. I am sure Lancaster folk can be the best to comment on this

Anonymous said...

dang...n people call me an aggressive driver....hahaha. then again, u wouldnt be u, with ur nice rapport w/ the 5-0s if u didnt drive like u do....i guess that would speak for itself.

Anonymous said...

yes you do. And I did not even have to watch the video

Anonymous said...

aha, told u so! (lol!) i'm surpised u actually did it. n your welcome. now can i have my camera back?

|d®| said...

>Udi: lol! Yeah, I've managed to scare the crap out of each and every one of them!

>D: Good word - rapport.
It's not even cute when you start to recognize the local cops and I do now, 4 real!

>Ciiku: Ha ha, funny, aren't we?
I prefer to think of my driving style as exciting, something like a roller-coaster ride; you think you're in peril but are absolutely safe. Well, most of the time!

>Shaw: *sigh* I was just starting to get used to the camera!
Well, you wanna come get it or should I bring it?
[Take that any way you will]