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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


It's like 4 in the morning and I'm still up - don't ask.

Strange thoughts and revelations come to a man who's up this late, as I learned tonight. Humor me; I'll share some of them with you.

1. Left-handers rule
As much as it galls me to admit it, particularly because I'm right-handed, there's something special about left-handers. I never did meet one that didn't have something special about them. Not to take anything away from us right-handers though. The left-handed brain is an intricate piece of work, as I grudgingly came to realize.

2. Yes? No? Maybe?
I've been lying to myself all these years that I've had bad luck in relationships. The real reason is that I'm reluctant to commit. [I could've told you that, punk, I can hear CK saying right now.] Hopefully with that realization will come reformation.

3. O.J. did it.

4. Losing Battle?
There will always be unrest in the Middle East, unfortunately. Not to say we shouldn't seek a resolution for peace though.
The Israelis & Arabs, to muddle them into 2 groups, are like step-brothers. As a matter of fact, they are step-brothers according to the Good Book; each one wants what they think is rightfully theirs.

5. Uncle Sam.
Let's face it, petroleum prices will never go back down. Uncle Sam is smart though. Think about it:
Something causes the gas prices to spike up by $1.50 within days. Naturally, people raise hell over it, so Uncle Sam 'intensifies' his efforts to bring the prices down, and he does. Only they won't be down by $1.50; more like $1.20. Everyone can breathe again now, but gas is still $0.30 pricier.

6. "Hold the fries, please
[Before someone accuses me of plagiarism, I have to admit that I'm paraphrasing this from a Readers Digest.]
An American goes to Korea on vacation and, as he's taking in the sights, he stumbles across an impressive-looking state-of-the-art stadium. So taken aback is he by it that he starts asking anyone and everyone more about it but no one would pay him any mind - except one dude.
"How many people can that stadium hold?" he asks dude.
"70,000 Korean," dude said, "But only 50,000 American!"

I've gained like 20 pounds over the years while over here. I always weighed too little but damn! Not any more!

7. I need to go to bed.


Anonymous said...

Point No. 2...MMMHHHH!!!!

Kagz said...

I soooo feel you.
I used to be a left-hand wanna be.

God has truely been good to me.
I've been in an amazing r/ship for 3 years.

I watched a documentary on his trial and i agree with you.

I agree.

Prices are NEVER going down so everyone should ji-panga.But its not entirely in Uncle Sam's hands. Many other forces come into play.

Obesity pisses the hell out of me.
The unhealthy get unhealthier (coz they STILL keep eating junk) while the healthy stay healthy (coz i always see them @ the gym)

Lastly....GO TO BED!!!

Half 'n' half said...

I soooo wanted to be left handed, it is the cutest thing ever, I have even tried to favour my left hand more but it doesnt work.

NO.2: could have told you that also.

CiikuMrsBabes said...

OJ did do it!

And I think left handed men are the ish. I would give it up just coz they are left handed......... JUST KIDDING. But I think its sexy.... I cant lie!

|d®| said...

>Mocha: Yes, it's true.

>Kags: Some lefties use their talents in some not-too-good ways. Think Jack the Ripper! LOL!
Obesity is delicate territory & I probably shouldn't venture into it, but I kinda agree. Exercise is really hard work as I'm learning first-hand since I do that every day now, and u gotta give props to people that are all cut up.

>Half 'n' half: Funny - u could've told me that.
And like u I try to use my left hand as much as I can, more so coz it improves my crossover. The hardest thing to do tho is to satisfactorily brush my teeth with my left hand. Damn near impossible!

>Buff: Ha ha, picture you placing a personals ad:
Wanted: single male with no kids. Has to be left-handed. Ambidextrous OK!

Half 'n' half said...

ooooh, I think am way ahead of you, managed to brush with left hand, but trully trully hard.

|d®| said...

What, you can?! I'll definitely redouble my efforts then!

Here's one for you tho: Can you use your left hand to fumble through your keys, find the right one and open a lock with relative ease?

Girl next door said...

The most interesting thoughts occur in the middle of the night. No. 6 is funny, but also sad. The lifestyle in the U.S. is conducive to weight gain in general. Uncle Sam will always be there to squeeze any extra cents from our pockets.

|d®| said...

>Girl next door: Wsup. True, coz some of my most brilliant ideas - or not - come to me either right before I fall asleep or right after I wake up!

Anonymous said...

Hey insomniac,

Maybe you should stop taking naps like you are in nursery school and maybe you'll get some sleep at night! LOL!
As for # 6, why have I been trying to loose the same 26 lbs for the past 2 years but cannot quite commit to it. Commitment!!! HA! I cannot even commit to a daily routine. Don't worry, once you find her, fear to commit will be a thing of the past.

|d®| said...

You know, you're right - that's some nursery school stuff. Those catnaps often last for hours & I'd be wide awake at like 2am!

I'm surprised you can even spell commitment! LOL! I feel u tho, coz you really can't force some of these things.

Working out - I'm really on the grind lately. [I'd like to think] Trying to turn the 1-pack back to a 6!

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