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Monday, March 06, 2006


There was once a little girl. She was born in a golden era, so to speak, when we still had faith in our leaders. She wasn’t an only child – far from it. She had numerous siblings, older ones. Still does. Later on there would be one younger sibling, so for some time she was the ‘baby.’

She always had that inexplicable special something no one could duplicate… or try to. Everyone recognized it, though they reacted to it in different ways:
Her elder sisters would bully her, naturally. Her eldest brother was nothing but gracious to her. But then again, he’d always been that way to everyone. Everyone loves him. Her second eldest brother was her nemesis. But then again, he’d always been that way to everyone. Everyone loves him too.

Her elder sisters would mother her all the time, but she always had that certain independence. They would push her around, but she always came out on top because her iron will was a force to be reckoned with. She always absolutely adored her eldest brother, who was always the perfect example of what, and how, a big brother should be. The other elder brother though, as much as she loved him, tested her patience to the max. He once lifted her up under a tree and made her grab a low branch and hold on to it. He then pushed a basin full of water under her flailing feet and left her hanging there.

Oh, and don’t think it was all good with her younger brother. She had to change his diapers, feed him, watch over him…… in short, everything an older sibling has to do for their younger sibling[s] but detests every minute of. Not only that, but once he was older and big enough to be a real challenge he thanked her for all those years of selfless servitude by grabbing her by her hair and dragging her all over the living room floor. She got instant gratification though because their Mom & Dad lit his ass up for doing that, amid warnings of never to lay hands on a female. The point was well taken.

Despite sometimes having a temper not unlike, but not quite like, basictastes’, she always represented everything that was good, and loyal, and pure, and loving; to say the least. She was always a Christian but never too heavenly-minded to be any earthly good, like the saying goes. She was always there for everyone, still is, though she let ‘em have it if they were out of line – if WE were out of line.

I always called her my little sister, though she’s a little older than I am. Hey, she’s the youngest of my sisters, what? Justifiable term of endearment, I say.

She climbed MT. Kenya once, braved the Maragua dust all her life, endured my brothers’ taunts, learned to drive Dad’s 1970 Datsun pickup – not easy, believe me, sneaked out sometimes in the evenings but always had me as her chaperon, played field hockey in High School and College and was great at it, convinced yours truly that ‘Push It’ by Salt & Pepper wasn’t exactly a song you could sing just about anywhere, and generally watched over yours truly since day zero and still calls me “kid” to this day.

Life really is as fleeting as the wind, coz all those memories are still as fresh in my mind like it was just yesterday. And you know what, that little girl just got married this past weekend.

Congratulations, S. Love you.


Anonymous said...

That was sweet >d® - the love does shine through. You know what, that so mirrors me that for a minute there I thought you had rumbled little old me. LOL

Aren't some people worth the time and energy! I hope your 'lil' sis has a happy life and her husband appreciates her as much as you do! Or even more.

This is soo good for International Women's day tomorrow! I am proud of you!

A1 said...

d> thanks for the very subtle shout out...i don't have a temper, i just don't give a f@#k...but i'll take any comparison to your highly esteemed sister... I'll try and keep my language pg13 on your blog, wouldn't want to scare anyone off!

strawberries are said...

Aaaaaaaaaaah how sweet. Congrats and best wishes to both groom and bride.
Mr.man that was lovely.

Prousette said...

You do have a very soft here . Rare around here but good to see it.
All the best to the bride and groom in their new life.

Prousette said...

I meant soft side

Anonymous said...

You somehow always seem to find a way to soften even the hardest hearts...always find a way to amaze me even further than I already am...some times more than others...And I have a way with words??? Nah, in this instance, I can't compare. Ur ability to tell such a sweet story all the while keeping the subject anonymous till the end only adds to the appeal. Props on that. Forgot to mention that such blogs as this find a way of making me feel bad that i'd even consider you my lenten sacrificial lamb...wat person would even fathom such a thing??? (don't answer) Good thing i rescinded that one..."Not the guy I would want huh???" (Still pondering that one out...let me not cause ne drama for u on here...lol) Such blogs beg a different opinion. I'll leave it all at that. U know ur sis has all my love n best wishes as she enters this chapter of life.
Much <3

Anonymous said...

d> nice post!Its amazing how for a min. I couldn't tell that u were talking about ur sis.It's crazy how siblings don't get along;but as they mature,they understand how important or great it is to have a loved one.
Hope ur sis enjoys the journey to a new beggining!

|d®| said...

>Guess: Thanks girl. Yeah, she's special, though she drove me crazy for a spell; hence the hair-grabbing-floor-dragging incident!

>A1: Wsup girl. You do realize your expressiveness [yes, that's a word] is one of the [many] reasons I like you, right? No need for apologin', knowwhati'msayin'?

|d®| said...

>Strawberries: Thanks, girl. She's the best, what can I say!

>Prou: I was wondering for a minute what you were referring to as 'soft!' [Just kidding]
Thanks; I apppreciate it.

|d®| said...

>d: "Rescinded?!" Good word girl, good word!
And yes, few are expressive as you, if any! Giving me up for Lent notwithstanding, [LOL @ sacrificial lamb] I've got mad luv for you too!
Thanks for your good 'tidings.'
Don't dwell too much on that one statement tho. Prove me wrong... or right! Sidebar if necessary!

>B.E.T.: Wsup baby gurl. Thanks. That's an understatement coz we fought all the time, and I mean ALL the time! Sibling love is so weird - hard fighting & fierce, protective loving!

Acolyte said...

I'm impressed!Theirs actually a heart beneath all that bluster and bravado!

Anonymous said...

Still gushing....oh i'm hopeless...enjoy ur weekend. feel free to holla.

|d®| said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
|d®| said...

>Aco: What can I say - I'm busted! >d® has a heart after all!

>D: I like to make it absolutely certain what it is I'm trying to say, TMI or not!
Blame that on your amazing resemblance to
. And I love Kerry Washington!

Anonymous said...

Flattery will get u everywhere but the bank baby boy (last time i'll use that, cuz after Monday......) Peace n love to ya!!!
Urs truly

|d®| said...

>Very funny D, very funny. I owe you one.
And don't even try to deny the Kerry Washington tip; I'm sure I'm not the first to say it. Soon as I saw her on screen I was like: 'C.c...could it be?!'

Shaggy said...

Kerry's all woman and everyman's wifey dream. As I dream on...

Hey hope all is well with you.

Farmgal said...

Very sweet post...wish them well for me

Nakeel said...

Its a story of you and your small siz
All the best to her as she starts the family

|d®| said...

Thanks all. I appreciate all your good wishes and stuff. Much love to you all.