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Monday, November 21, 2005


It’s about that time of year – Thanksgiving. This is the American version of Christmas for the rest of us, the time when everyone – hypothetically of course – gets reunited with their family. On that fateful Wednesday everyone and their mama seems to be going somewhere. I usually go to Philly for Thanksgiving. Normally it’s a not-too-bad-trip about 2 ½ hours long. [Off the record, my best time is 1 hour 47 minutes. Sometimes I think I’m suicidal] I’ve been on the road 4 hours straight on Thanksgiving eve though in the past. But then again, if you live in the D.C. area you know that’s entirely possible. Such congestion is the norm.

There are some things I like about Thanksgiving, like being reunited with people I haven’t seen in ages. People such as crazy-ass Mose.

This dude is insane, that’s why I mess with him. For one, I’ve never met anyone else with a need for speed like him, not to mention the love of music in those fast whips. Believe me, it’s one thing driving fast but it’s another with loud music blaring. That’s the icing to the cake. The toupee to the bald man. The silicone – or is it ‘saline solution’ nowadays? – to those who want bigger breasts. The SlimFast to the obese. The internet to the geek.... you get the picture. I’ve never known anyone else to urge me to go faster, to pass the 5 cars ahead, to try and beat my current speed record from Philly to VA, or to acknowledge that some of us really have the need for speed.

I might have the Mitsu Lancer OZ Rally but he’s got the VW Golf GTI. The Japanese might make the best econoboxes but German Engineering is still superior. Look at Benz. BMW. Audi. VW. All top-notch vehicles. Look at the Japanese: Toyota. Honda. Nissan. Mitsubishi. Subaru. Isuzu. All reliable and economical vehicles. The Germans are all about performance first. [Wait a minute. Isn’t that the thesis of this blog?] The Mitsu Lancer Evo, the Subaru WRX STi and the Nissan Skyline are still the fastest street cars on the planet though, so eat dirt, all y’all German car enthusiasts! Find me a stock Benz or BMW that can match up to a stock Mitsu Evo or Subaru STi and go home with the crown. [Excluding the McLaren F1 Benz. That thing is insane!] Never. Lancers rule. Mose, catch you at the track, if you dare!

Enough about that. I was talking about Thanksgiving, I think.

It’s good to give thanks, people. There’s a lot to be thankful for, even though sometimes it may not seem like it. Truth is, there’s always someone doing worse than you. I for one believe in the existence of a supreme being, a.k.a. God, The Man Upstairs, Main Man, J.C. or whatever you call him. [No disrespect intended] Life is pointless if there’s nothing to look forward to. Wouldn’t it be f_ed up if life was all there is, as in you live, you struggle then you die? $hit, I’d want out now if that were the case!

But in my heart of hearts I know there’s something else in store, and that alone gives me hope, as it should you. Be thankful. Enjoy life – that’s what it’s all about.

True, the creditors blow the phone up every day but hey, at least they realize you have money they can get from you.
True, your girl call you up and cusses you out. At least she thinks enough about you to call.
True, you didn’t get that promotion. You deserved it but someone hated the person who took your place so much he went postal on him. That could’ve been you – be thankful.
True, you’re broke as hell and owe people money. Your greatest asset is your ability to work, so pucker up!
So you think no one loves you. That might be true. But if you get rid of yourself, no one really cares anyway. Might as well stick around!
True, life keeps dealing blow after blow and you think you can’t take it. Remember, life is a sine-curve, with high highs and low lows. Very seldom, if at all, is life predictable, which is a beautiful thing. Thing is, in life there’s all these things to absorb & experience. Take advantage of them! You only get one shot at it. Make the best of it, damnit!

More than anything, PLEASE be thankful every time that alarm goes off, as much as you hate to have to get up. Be thankful when you open your eyes and you’re still you in your room and not in the FCPD jail. [Read my previous posts – you’ll get what I mean]. Be thankful when you move your extremities and you can feel them all. [Fellas, be thankful every time you grab your stuff in the morning. It’s great knowing it’s all there, isn’t it?!] Take a deep breath and thank the Man Upstairs for waking you up whole. You had absolutely nothing to do with it – you just woke up and you were fine. Don’t take that $hit for granted!

Which brings me to the thing I wanna talk about next – egos. Keep it right here.


Anonymous said...

Ur analogies are funny!!! N i'm feelin u on thankin The Big Man upstairs. All too often, people take the smallest things forgranted. Be careful not to tempt fate too much while racing. A cat only has but nine lives...

Anonymous said...

Nice article, how was your thx-giving, Any crazy stuff happen ??
keep it up and real.

Anonymous said...

JC has a H in the middle - lol no disrespect either.

Q - Is there a man-rule that says that you might wake up one day and find some of your 'stuff' missing? LOL?
Q2. Why?

Nice post man - liked the thanksgiving bit - tend to thank the Man upstairs for all but I know there are a lot of things I tend to take as a 'given'. hmm, lets see if we can change that :)

|d®| said...

Nice one, guessaurus. I guess 'stuff' just doesn't vanish, does it?!

Iamdown2, are you who I think you are?

And yes, I really need to slow my ass down. Matter of fact, I'll be in FCPD's traffic court this Friday. Damn.

Anonymous said...

"are you who I think you are?"

What do you mean? Have I just been 'found out'? :)

|d®| said...

I must admit you're pretty slick at anonymity, Guessaurus. No, I didn't find you out. May I be the first to discover just who Guessaurus is?

Was at your site too. Ravishing.

Anonymous said...

:) - Arent you supposed to be hanging out with some boys in Blue (sorry, black) and some other 'dude' with a wig and a 'your honour' attached to him?
tsk tsk

Kuja polepole... my anon status remains thus unless this is a 'show me yours, and I will show you mine' scenario.

Saw you @ G-spot - thanks. I feel sorry for you though if you have to read every 'madness' unleashed there.

|d®| said...

Guessaurus, you're right, I was bosom buddies with the boys in blue this weekend. Read my latest post.

You have a wicked sense of humor. I like. I'll keep reading 'em.

I've picked up subtle clues about you too but I don't wanna put your business in the street, know what I mean? Curious? Email me. Maybe I can show you mine if you show me yours!

Poi said...

Totally witchu.Too too much to be thankful/graetful for and thanking God couldn't say it better...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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