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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

MISSION STATEMENT [or something like it]

Since this is a 'Performance First' blog, first things should be first. This is a photo of my daily
driver. Not too shabby, I guess. It's one short step to the Nissan 350Z coming soon, God willing.

Not to say all I'll be talking about is cars and stuff, hell to the no, as Whitney Houston might say. This is about improving all aspects of life coz after all, virtually anything can be improved.
Complacency is a terrible thing & I try to fight it everyday, as should you.


Anonymous said...

w'sup d, i see u introduced the world to your other half, she's looking good, i see you treat at least one of your ladies right:)A1

Anonymous said...

about time u put all those writing skillz to the test! keep em comming!

|d®| said...

Very funny, A1. I always try to treat the ladies right. I'm not always successful tho, I must admit!

gishungwa said...

Welcome to the family some sane others well... still welcome home away form home or whatever it is that they say.